Entrepreneurs bring together the Government and Security authorities of Nayarit.

The ADEPM brings together Dr. Miguel Ángel Navarro, Senator of the Republic and Vice Almiral Jose Luis Arellano, Commander of the 8th naval zone.

Security and economic confidence for Riviera Nayarit

Meet in Punta de Mita Entrepreneurs with Government and Security authorities in Riviera Nayarit.

The ADEPM is a 100% Nayarit association, focused on responsible urban growth, connectivity, safety and the environment in Punta de Mita and Riviera Nayarit. To achieve its objectives, it maintains a close relationship with the three levels of government in Mexico. According to the last elections in the country, the Federal Senator elected by Nayarit, Dr. Miguel Angel Navarro, will begin his functions this coming December.

With the purpose to list their support in the projects and actions carried out by the ADEPM for the benefit of the Riviera Nayarit, it invited the Senator to a meeting where it presented the current projects where ADEPM is focused.

When Security was addressed, Vice Admiral Jose Luis Arellano, Commander of the 8th Naval Zone, commented that in response to the initiative of the ADEMP presented to the Secretary of the Navy, the relocation of the Punta de Mita Naval Station was contemplated. This project is an effort that has taken more than 2 years and is currently in the final negotiations to obtain the donation of the land from the FONATUR where a Naval Station type 2 will be built. This will be an advanced Naval Station, housing 140 elements of the Ministry of the Navy; it will have a heliport, accommodations and recreational areas for the elements in charge of security.

From the fulfillment of the necessary requirements for the execution of the project, it is expected that Lick. De La Madrid, Secretary of Tourism will summon the committee of FONATUR, SCHCP, and the SECRETARIAT OF DEVELOPMENT to endorse and approve the donation of the land to the secretary of the Navy. This is expected to happen before the end of the current Federal Administration. Once the donation has been authorized, then the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Nayarit (SECTUR), the ADEMP and the Secretary of the Navy, will begin with the search for financial resources that will allow its construction.

The Senator-elect was also informed of the process that is being carried out with the SECTUR program for the declaration of the Sustainable Development and Tourism Zone of Destiladeras – Punta de Mita. The ADEPM has had an approach with this Secretariat, seeking the promotion of tourism growth in the region, Punta de Mita-Destiladeras, underscoring the care of the environment. This is a project that goes hand in hand with the UN-Habitat, where the Sustainable Development Goals are established, which is considered as the master plan to achieve a sustainable future for all.

The ADEPM expressed that it seeks the integration of the communities of CORRAL DEL RISCO, EMILIANO ZAPATA and HIGUERA BLANCA, with the purpose of achieving communities that generate a solvent economy, with better conditions of urban image, connectivity, water treatment and solid waste, sewerage and drainage. In addition to creating green, ecological and recreational areas, emphasizing that it is very important to solve the problem of lack of water in Punta Mita since there is a 54% low density.

The ADEPM concluded by emphasizing the importance of maintaining order in the face of the growth of our communities to avoid the overflow of infrastructure and urbanization, as has happened in other villages that experience the same problem.

Senator Miguel Angel Navarro reiterated his commitment and support for the ADEPM in the development of the current work plans and because they are in favor of the community. He said that the objective is to offer legal certainty to attract private investment to the region, also strengthen it through projects such as the process of comprehensive planning in the short, medium and long term, being able to provide balance to all the municipalities of the State of Nayarit.

He also proposed that once the new administration in the Federal Government is in place, a project can be created with the National Polytechnic Institute to carry out brigades and studies that will provide solutions to the planning and integral development processes of the region.

We also had the participation of the Federal Congresswoman of the State of Nayarit, Carmina Regalado Mardueño, who expressed support for the promotion of tourism in Bahía de Banderas, who said that the ADEPM, in collaboration with the 3 levels of Government have taken giant steps to achieve the projects and challenges required by the community of Punta Mita and Riviera Nayarit.

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