Punta de Mita, Sustainable Tourism Development Zone looking for PRESIDENTIAL DECLARATION

Sustainable Tourism Development Zone Decree, Punta de Mita in progress.

The Ministry of Tourism, through the undersecretary’s Office of Planning and Tourism Policy; particularly the office of General Administration of Sustainable Tourism Management, work with two instruments of tourism territorial planning.

  1. Tourist Laws of the Territory (Ordenamiento turístico del territorio) – Based on Article 24 of the General Law of Tourism, it aims to determine the tourist regionalization of the national territory starting from the diagnosis of characteristics, availability, and the demands of the tourist resources; proposes establishing a zoning criteria with the purpose of preserving natural resources and taking advantage of tourism resources in an orderly and sustainable manner.
  2. Areas of Sustainable Tourism Development (Zonas de Desarrollo Turístico Sustentable) – Promotes the transition towards tourism sustainability schemes with a Green Economy approach, which implies improving welfare and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental and ecological risks, promoting tourism development low in carbon emissions and harmonizing economic and environmental models to consolidate tourism activity as a source of quality jobs, investment, training and development to improve the standard of living of people

In the month of May ADEPM promoted and convened a meeting with the General Director of Sustainability of the Federal Tourism Secretary Jeronimo Ramos, with the purpose of continuing with actions that promote Punta de Mita as the First Sustainable Tourism Development Zone of the country and even aspire to be the first in the world.

We also had the attendance and participation of the Town Council of Bahía de Banderas, headed by Dr. Jaime Cuevas, the directress of the Institute of Municipal Planning (IMPLAN), Beatriz Martinez and the Secretary of State Tourism, Eulalio Coronado.

After carrying out an evaluation of the region and going through the area to be sorted; the current conditions, the opportunities available to the area and the challenges that will have to be faced to implement all the regulations included in the file to obtain this decree were highlighted.

An exchange of opinions was made, the results obtained in the different studies previously done by the IMPLAN were analyzed to integrate and elaborate the Partial Plan of Urban Development of Punta de Mita-Destiladeras, which substantially complements the process to obtain the decree of First Sustainable Development Zone. SECTUR will return to the region with a technical and specialized team to complete the work plan that was determined among the participants of the meeting and thus be able to comply with the regulations required for the declaration of the Sustainable Tourism Development Zone.

Declaration of Sustainable Tourism Development Areas

(Declaratoria de Zonas de Desarrollo Turístico Sustentable)

Based on Article 3 Fraction XXI of the General Law of Tourism, the Zones of Sustainable Tourism Development (ZDTS) are those fractions of the national territory, clearly located and geographically delimited, which due to their natural or cultural characteristics constitute a tourist attraction. They will be established through a specific declaration issued by the President of the Republic, at the request of the Ministry of Tourism.


The regulations associated with the Declaration of Sustainable Tourism Development Areas are:

II.1.1 Ley General de Turismo. Última reforma publicada DOF 17-12-2015

II.1.2 Reglamento de la Ley General de Turismo. DOF 6-07-2015

II.1.3 Lineamientos para la Dictaminación de Zonas de Desarrollo Turístico Sustentable             DOF 30-11-16.

II.1.4 Anexo I del Acuerdo por el que se expiden los Lineamientos para la Dictaminación           de Zonas de Desarrollo Turístico Sustentable. DOF 22-05-17

II.1.5 Guía para facilitar la presentación de los instrumentos de los Lineamientos para la            Dictaminación de Zonas de Desarrollo Turístico Sustentable en PDF

Resultado de imagen para plan parcial de desarrollo urbano punta mita

Presidential Decree as Sustainable Tourism Development Zone Punta de Mita

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