Who is Miguel Angel Navarro Quintero?

Miguel Angel Navarro Quintero

Senator elect Nayarit 2018.

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Miguel Angel Navarro Quintero Senator elect Nayarit 2018. PHOTO: Web NTV

General Coordinator of Nayarit of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, President-elect of Mexico.


Miguel Angel Navarro Quintero, born in the town of Puga, now called Francisco I. Madero, belonging to the municipality of Tepic, Nayarit, is now Senator-elect for Nayarit. Last July 9, he got together with the ADEPM in Tepic, with the purpose to ratify the direct communication between them to work together during the next six years.

Miguel Angel Navarro will represent the State of Nayarit before the Federal Government that will be head by Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador. Among his functions is the management and supervision of all the activities and necessary efforts on behalf of the State. Aside of that he offered to be a contact and interlocutor with the Federal Government to successfully develop the actions and projects that the ADEPM is pushing in favor of the region.

He will also have the function of promoting the thirteen reforms that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will send to the Congress of the Union for their approval once he is officially named President of the Republic of Mexico.

The thirteen Reforms are:

  1. Regulatory law to apply Article 127 of the Constitution in the three branches of power, which states that no official shall earn more than the President of the Republic.
  2. Prepare the legal reform for the creation of the Public Security Secretariat.
  3. Draft a reform to end privileges and exemptions, which includes amending article 108 of the Constitution, so that the acting president can be tried for corruption offenses. All privileges and privileges for public officials will be suspended altogether.
  4. Reform the law to consider corruption in all its forms, fuel theft, and electoral fraud in any of its modalities, serious crimes without bail.
  5. Reform the corresponding Law to Draft the Income Law and Budget for 2019 under the coordination of the Secretary of the Treasury of the next government.
  6. Reform the corresponding Law to transfer the Presidential General Staff to the SEDENA.

7. Reverse the decree of privatization of water and request the participation of the next secretary of the environment.

  1. Reverse or modify laws of the so-called educational reform in coordination with the head of the unit. Fulfill the commitment to cancel educational reform
  2. Comply with Article third of the Constitution so that education is public and free at all levels.
  3. Consultation to revoke the mandate and remove impediments and locks to all procedures that have a binding character.
  4. Review and possibly reform to increase the minimum wage to the double for border areas in the country, to be under the charge of Economy Office.
  5. Carry out changes in laws, regulations, decrees or agreements to adjust the administrative structure of the government to the Republican Austerity Plan, which will involve merging areas, eliminating undersecretaries, offices and other organisms, as well as regrouping unionized public servants.

13. Eliminate duplicities in public administration.

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