How does the government grant the resources for municipalities that work in responsible development?

Resources for responsible development in Mexico. 

When we encompass responsible development, we must also consider all those improvements that will be necessary to implement and also all those aspects that should be corrected. And then How can you obtain resources for it?

There is the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU)  which is the institution of the Federal Public Administration whose purpose is to plan, coordinate, manage, generate and execute public policies of territorial order, ensure decent housing, urban and rural development as well as grant legal certainty to the agrarian nuclei; seeking to improve the quality of life of citizens, prevent settlements in areas of risk and help in case of natural phenomena for immediate attention.

The ADEPM together with the municipal government headed by Dr. Jaime Cuevas, and with the participation of other civil associations held a working meeting with the purpose of presenting the project of sustainability that is being promoted for Punta de Mita to, Roman Salazar, the state delegate of SEDATU with the purpose of obtaining his support and experience to generate the resources that will allow the realization of this very important and necessary project that the region of Higuera Blanca, Emiliano Zapata and Corral del Risco demand. The project of sustainability and urban image of Destiladeras-Punta de Mita, aside of taking care of and implementation of friendly actions with the planet, will give an opening and tourist stability to the region, because with this, the Decree of the First Tourist Sustainable Zone of the country is also promoted.

Sustainable development

Resources for responsible development Mexico

Roman Salazar, the delegate of SEDATU was very interested in the project; applauding the valuable effort that has emerged from working hand in hand among society, the private sector and the government. This will give a start to the project of design and engineering of the Destiladeras-Punta de Mita Tourist Corridor, as well as the urban improvement in Corral del Risco and Higuera Blanca; which will serve as an example of motivation for all the local people and other entrepreneurs, with the firm intention of adding more to this important project needed for Punta de Mita and its people.

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