Punta de Mita and its greater areas shaping up as Sustainable Tourism Development Zone (ZDTS)

Sustainable Tourism Development Zone Punta de Mita, seeking to obtain this first distinction in Mexico.

With the support of the Federal, State and Municipal governments and society, the bases and foundations that will lead Punta de Mita to obtain the Sustainable Tourism Zone Decree, the first in Mexico, are being shaped.

According to the stipulations of the Ministry of Tourism in Mexico, the Sustainable Tourism Development Zones promote the transition towards tourism sustainability schemes with a Green Economy approach, which implies improving welfare and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental and ecological risks, promoting low-carbon tourism development and harmonizing economic and environmental models to consolidate tourism activity as a source of quality employment, investment, training and development to improve the standard of living of people who live or visit this tourist destination.

The laws of Mexico, based on Article 3 Fraction XXI of the General Tourism Law, the Zones of Sustainable Tourism Development (ZDTS) are those fractions of the national territory, clearly located and geographically delimited, which due to their natural or cultural characteristics constitute a tourist attraction. These will be established through a specific declaration issued by the President of the Republic, at the request of the Ministry of Tourism.

In the month of March ADEPM had a meeting at the CDMX with the General Director of Sustainability of SECTUR Federal, Jerónimo Ramos, in addition to the participation of Dr. Jaime Cuevas Municipal President of Bahía de Banderas and Eulalio Coronado Secretary of Tourism Nayarit.

This meeting analyzed the progress process that the Partial Plan of Urban Development of Punta de Mita is taking, this because, from the development and management of this Partial Plan, the process to be followed for Punta de Mita to obtain this declaration can begin, based on the principles of sustainability stipulated by the UN habitat.

sustainable development goals of the UN habitat

Sustainable Tourism Development Zone Punta de Mita. It must contemplate the sustainable development goals of the UN habitat

“If Punta de Mita together with its people, its government and the private sector, each one puts their two-cents worth, then Punta de Mita will not only be the first Sustainable Tourism Development Zone in Mexico, but it can also aspire to be the first in the world.”

The regulations associated with the Declaration of Sustainable Tourism Development Areas are:

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