A year of progress and trust for Bahia de Banderas

H. X Ayuntamiento de Bahía de Banderas

At Rancho Bugambilias in San Jose del Valle, the First Government Report was held. A year of progress and trust

First Government Report of Dr. Jaime Cuevas

This Saturday, November 10, the municipal president, Dr. Jaime Alonso Cuevas Tello, presented his First Government Report. He thanked the assistance and support of the businessmen, publicly acknowledging the valuable support he has received from the ADEPM. There were also representatives from social, political and economic sectors, as well as authorities from the three levels of government.

During the welcome and thanks the mayor dedicated his report “to our brothers from the north of Nayarit”, mentioning the solidarity that Bahía de Banderas has shown; Collecting and sending tons of food, machinery, volunteers and support personnel to the affected communities.

Referring to the communities affected by the recent Typhoon Willa, he said: “I’m sure they’ll get ahead; because we, Nayaritas are bigger than our problems, they are not alone, we are with you”

He stressed that, at the beginning of his term, he received a municipality with more than one billion pesos in debt, as well as a financial crisis and of confidence. “Instead of lamenting, we understood that the first step was to bring order and we had to make decisions with the citizens” achieving a record collection of 877 million pesos as an indicator of recovery of public confidence.

He called for unity and highlighted the fulfillment of 48% of the goals of the Municipal Development Plan, for which we went out to the streets looking for more than 12 thousand citizens to participate with their opinion in the elaboration of this Plan, becoming a guiding document to consolidate us as a prosperous, competitive and secure Municipality.

In public safety, the increase is more than 50 percent in the budget, in addition to new patrols, more equipment and life insurance for the police. He also reported that the government is working to be the first municipality in the Resilient Cities Network of Mexico; looking for a Presidential Decree as a Sustainable Development Zone. In addition to the development of a Partial Urban Development Plan for Destiladeras-Punta de Mita which will allow a sustainable and organized development for the region.

In terms of drinking water and drainage, 67 million pesos were invested with municipal, state and federal resources. It was also possible for the National Water Commission, CONAGUA, to exercise an investment of 30 million pesos and with this to carry out feasibility studies to achieve drinking water coverage in the towns of Emiliano Zapata, Corral del Risco and Higuera Blanca, which live with a problem of scarcity of the vital liquid, laying the foundations to overcome this lack in an area of ​​great tourist development.

The Municipal President, Jaime Cuevas, received the award for Best Practices of Local Governments in the category of Water Management, which he mentioned is an achievement of all Bahía de Banderas and is the result of having one of the best treatment plants in Mexico, with an investment of 245 million pesos, from public and private resources, this Macro Plant has a collector system that exceeds 50 kilometers and treats the wastewater generated by 81% of the population.

He recognized the strong support of Governor Antonio Echevarría Garciawho in addition to doing a great job, is the leader that Nayarit needs right now that we must be united”. He called for unity among all the political, social and economic actors of the municipality, reiterating his commitment to continue working tirelessly for the progress of Bahía de Banderas.

A year of progress and confidence: Emphasized Jaime Cuevas

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