The ADEPM takes its proposals to generate a sustainable development to the Government of Mexico

Last March 10, the ADEPM had a private meeting with the Federal Undersecretary of Tourism, Simon Levy, Federal Representative Carmina Regalado and the Nayarit Secretary of Tourism, Ana Cecilia Llanos.

The purpose of this meeting was to share the actions that the ADEPM is promoting with the different levels of government in Mexico; actions aimed at generating sustainable development in the Riviera Nayarit, with the purpose to meet current needs without compromising future natural resources.

ADEPM works in a cooperative way with different organizations specialized in topics of sustainability and adaptation to climate change. The objective is to achieve in an efficient and coordinated way the development of the region without affecting its natural balance.

The Federal, State and Municipal governments have shown total willingness to support these actions; they agree that these represent a significant improvement in the development of the region. An example of this is the Decree on a Sustainable Tourism Development Zone for Destiladeras-Punta de Mita.

This decree came through a conservation program of SECTUR, which favors the region to be self-sufficient for many more years. For this program to generate positive effects it must be implemented in a coordinated way among all concern: authorities, residents and developers. This program will make the effort to conserve the area for the good of the planet and the people who live and visit it.

Federal Tourism Secretary, Simon Levy, in the face of the ADEPM’s concern about a lesser promotion of the country that could stop the influx of travelers, said: Mexico will have support for its international and national promotion; this support will be generated with government resources and with resources from the private initiative.

Previously, there were budgetary resources from the CPTM – Council for Tourist Promotion of Mexico, in addition to those from travelers’ taxes (DNR-Non-Resident Law). Now the Federal Government is working on a tourism promotion proposal for Mexico, adding efforts from the private initiative and the government of the country.

Another topic mentioned during this meeting is the opening of Islas Marias as a tourist attraction. This is due to the determination that this place will no longer operate as a prison that is located in this archipelago. Islas Marias is a set of 4 islands which have a large variety of biodiversity which due to the distance and use given to these islands, its natural beauty has remained.

In order to protect the terrestrial and marine flora and fauna of these islands, the ADEPM proposed to establish a program of visits to the archipelago through Operational Tours that provide funds to promote initiatives aimed at the protection of these natural resources.

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