The children of Bahía Banderas deserve dignified schools

Program adopting a school.

A high percentage of Bahía de Banderas workers have childrens that go to public school. Schools are places where parents entrust their children,so they can work and fulfill their responsibilities in peace, knowing that their children are in a safe and comfortable place with all the necessary to encourage learning.

In the meeting “dialogue with entrepreners” which took place during the month of July between the entrepreneurs and the mayor Mirtha Villalvazo. It was mentioned that there are 154 schools out of which 108 have importants in need , as they may be hazardous to the children or because the facilities are insufficient or were vandalized during the pandemic.

The mayor, Mirtha Villalvazo asked directly to the board of directors.for support to improve conditions in schools Knowing what a sensitive topic this is for the parents who are also part of the workforce of the member companies, the ADEPM did not hesitate to be part of this program.

According to the portal DATA MEXICO of the federal government, the population of Bahía de Banderas is 187632, between 10 and 14 year olds are 17,633 inhabitants. The most demanding school levels were junior high school, 39.6k people or 31.3%

With a population of 38,666, San Vicente is the biggest town in Bahía de Banderas. Taking into account this information, ADEPM found the school: Secundaria Técnica # 52, by the name of Luis Donaldo Colosio, it will be renovated and improved by the hotel Auberge.

escuela secundaria técnica San Vicente

Program adopting a school – Technical High School #52 San Vicente Nayarit

The school has 900 students a day divided into two turns. It has been successfully managed by the teacher Omar Tadeo, as he has had a great sense of duty and commitment to the students. In fact, there are students from other towns who would like to enrol in this school.

As you get to the school you cannot avoid paying attention on how well kept it is. It is decorated with murals with science and cultural pictures. Students can feel a dignified school where education and respect are highly seen.

The school works at its máximum capacity with 450 students for each turn . Although the facilities look in good shape they are insufficient for such a big number of students.

It has a single bathroom for men and another for women, the bathrooms for men have only one toilet and the one for women only has two. The students have recess time, they normally use it to play a sport or do an activity that allows them to get their energy out. They only have a Basketball court, which complicates matters to get enough space to play.

The school is open-door, offering the use of its facilities for municipal events or as a refuge, when has been necessary. It has been doing it despite not having a suitable place for it.

It is important to recognize the great example of solidarity shows by Auberge hotel by supporting to improve a social problem in the community, the education.

With the program adopting a school, the Technical Secondary School #52 Luis Donaldo Colosio is going to ofer better spaces for the students. ADEPM is inviting all members to join this important program adopinting a school.

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