Who are the marines in Mexico and why is their presence important? here we explain it to you

Why does Punta de Mita request a Naval Station?

Mexico has had painful wounds due to the presence of different drug cartels throughout the national territory. Deriving from this, different strategies have been carried out that have allowed some of the regions to recover their security.

The Riviera Nayarit has faced critical circumstances in security matters but it is thanks to the determination of its authorities that it has been possible to put an end to them. The State Government of Nayarit, together with the Municipal Government of Bahía de Banderas and the private initiative of the area represented by ADEPM, decided to join forces and manage to protect the area with the presence of the SEMAR Secretariat of the Navy.

Throughout the country, different Advanced Naval Stations (Estaciones Navales Avanzadas ENA) have been built as is the case of Los Cabos and Michoacán; achieving to considerably reduce violence in those states. The ENA’s are facilities that serve as a logistic support center for maritime and land operations; and also to help the population in case of emergencies or disasters.

“It is considered that the Riviera Nayarit will guarantee to maintain its safety with the construction of an ENA, located in Litibú, to strategically place it at the center of the other 2 naval zones of the region. A seat belt would be created having the 8th. Naval zone south in Puerto Vallarta and the 6th to the north in San Blas”

marines in Mexico

Mexican government authorities and private initiative join efforts to build a Naval Station in Punta de Mita

The Marines in Mexico have been the most important actor that has put an end to situations in the subject of security in the Country. The Marines are who have captured the most important capos in the drug cartel in Mexico.

They are also those who in times of earthquakes and inundations work day and night to help the citizenry and care and protect the environment carrying preventive controls in the face of contaminations in our seas.

The Marines are qualified to carry out search and rescue operations on the coasts of the country, responding to any call for help generated in the national territory.

In the Riviera Nayarit there will be an Advanced Naval Station that will accommodate 50 elements. The construction of this structure will be carried out with the participation of the Federal, State, and Municipal governments and with investments of the Business sector of the area.

For this, all the actors concerned about the security of the Riviera Nayarit, met last June 28th at the Planning Secretariat, in Tepic, in order to sign a participation agreement where it was agreed to create a public-state trust in where the corresponding resources will be entered to execute this work on a land already donated by FONATUR in the Litibú complex in Punta de Mita. The total investment will have a building cost of 100 million Mexican pesos, which will be divided equally for the state, municipal and private initiative.

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