Why does the climate change affects us?

Climate change is a challenge for all the inhabitants of the planet, it has no borders and in order to combat it, each inhabitant needs to put their grain of sand.

What is climate change and how can we contribute?

The main cause of climate change is global warming, since the latter undoubtedly brings with it negative and devastating consequences for the development of life on the planet, altering the conditions necessary to sustain life on it.

Bad conservation practices and the lack of care and interest for nature from our part for so many years have increased the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, where more than necessary heat is retained, causing the temperatures to rise. It is important to make clear that climate change cannot be avoided, what we can do is reduce its effects and adapt to its consequences, that is, combat it with mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change to help curb its effects on a small and large scale .

The governments of Nayarit and Bahía de Banderas, together with the German organization GIZ, ADEPM and other civil organizations are working to implement these measures in the municipalities to become a Sustainable Tourism Development Zone which go hand in hand with the processes that are currently being carried out in Germany, and other European countries.

A measure against climate change is massive planting of trees, they function as a natural carbon deposit, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and contributing to its reduction; in addition to generating spaces for the development of flora and fauna. Their roots and trunks also slow down soil erosion, help fight droughts and significantly improve air quality.

 How to adapt to climate change

Some cities in the world became famous thanks to trees

Knowing this, the ADEPM took the decision to contribute by doing its bit and has begun working on a reforestation project starting from the road of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle to Punta de Mita, with the support of La Patrona, and experts in the field.

We are working on an analyzed proposal that is consistent with the vegetation characteristics of the area and that can be adapted to the characteristics and needs of the land to be sustainable and without risks for its development and growth. This project includes the type of vegetation that will be used, the quantity and location of each, the irrigation system and how this project could positively impact the destination. More information about the Project HERE.

It is worth mentioning that some cities in the world became famous for the natural scenery that trees offer, with a good maintenance strategy and with the support of everyone in Bahia de Banderas, we can adopt this measure that slows climate change and also gives value tourist added. Here are some cities that have become famous for being embellished by trees.

If you would like to join this cause, do not hesitate to contact us.

Famous cities thanks to trees

 Trees and climate change

The dark boxwoods, in Ireland. The most famous tree tunnel in the cinema, a fantasy avenue

Measures against climate change

Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, Brazil – One of the most beautiful streets in the world is found in Porto Alegre, which has declared it a natural patrimony of that city.


Measures against climate change

Oak Trail in Louisiana – It has been the scene of several Hollywood movies and the perfect setting for videos of great singers


Measures against climate change

The Tunnel of love in Ukraine

Measures against climate change

The Cherry Avenue in Bonn, Germany

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