The lungs of the planet

There are few natural spaces left, you can adopt one

We know that Bahía de Banderas is the most important municipality in Nayarit in the tourism sector, it is evident that it has been expanding rapidly because it is an area with great potential. For years it has been working with the intention of maintaining a natural balance, but urban growth has outgrown it.

A tree reaches its maturity in 10 to 20 years, building a new complex only a few months. The race is at a disadvantage.  The trees are the lungs and the best protection we will have to get through the summer heat.

The ADEPM, hand in hand with the municipal authorities of the Urban Development, Tourism and Oromapas departments, in addition to other organizations engaged in contributing to this balance, work on the Bahía Bonita y Limpia program.

This program is currently looking for people willing to adopt the areas destined to be reforested and embellished with nature, these pieces of land that are part of the road from Cruz de Huanacaxtle to Punta de Mita, do not generate any rights to the adopter but an important and It is a very valuable responsibility: to care for, maintain and clean these spaces that are so cherished and of great meaning today.

An agreement will be signed where the commitment to irrigate these spaces by the Water Operator Agency of Bahía de Bandereas and the municipality’s Public Services will be stipulated.

On the other hand, the adopter will have the freedom to make his own botanical design , he/she will decide how to go about it within the boundaries of the variety of flora that will be available considering those that are typical of the region to facilitate its development and maintenance. And in addition, the government of Bahía de Banderas will carry out a publicity cleaning campaignin order to create awareness to the inhabitants and visitors.


There are few natural spaces left, you can adopt one

Keeping the area clean and its gardens will be the contribution of the adopter, irrigation will be by the municipality. The spaces will have a new badge, with a better design that will specify who the adopter is, in addition to an awareness advertising campaign all the way. Anyone interested in being part of this important program should contact the ADEPM, mainly so that they can choose which section they would like to adopt and also be able to take advantage of the rainy season that is about to begin.

It is intended that this be a social program because it involves the entire society. It will begin with the promotion of the private sector and the government, to spread the word that it is the responsibility of each one of us to keep the Bay beautiful and clean.

“The planet is living a critical moment, we cannot just sit and do nothing about it, action must take place.

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