Series of meetings to achieve the first distinction of Sustainable Tourist Destination in Mexico

Being a tourist destination with the qualification of Sustainable is a challenge, the ADEPM and its associates are convinced that it must be achieved. For that, efforts are unified and progress is continued step by step in the legal process that this includes.

An approach was made to the Municipal President, Dr. Jaime Alonso Cuevas Tello, to review the main lines of action and processes contemplated in the Partial Plan for Urban and Tourist Sustainable Development of Punta de Mita. The study conducted by the ADEPM is under the guidelines set by SECTUR, with the clear objective that Punta Mita becomes the first Sustainable Development area in the country.

Presidente Municipal de Bahía de Banderas presenta informe de actividades a sus 100 días de gobierno

The 100-days-report of Municipal President of Bahía de Banderas, Dr. Jaime A. Cuevas took place January 8, he mentioned being working to promote the First Sustainable Tourist Destination in Mexico

On the other hand, the municipal government of Bahía de Banderas, through the plans that it is carrying out to improve the territorial ordering of the municipality, promoting the Urban Development Plan, submitted to public consultation the guidelines that this study shows, with the purpose of to make society participate in this process.

During this consultation, the objectives, the important reasons that exist in the municipality to carry it out and the legal considerations it contains were presented. The forum lasted three days.

The ADEPM, which has shown itself to be a decisive and transcendental association in the matter, received an invitation to share with the audience the main statutes ofthe study carried out for Punta Mita and its surroundings, which adds important advances and actions for the Municipal Development Plan.

Last January 8 took place the 100-days-report of Municipal President of Bahía de Banderas, Dr. Jaime A. Cuevas. In his report he spoke of the progress that has been achieved in the different sectors of the municipality; and the proposals and actions that are currently being promoted in his administration.

Among them he mentioned:

Finally the distinction for which we have been working throughout these last months, is already moving forth to become a reality, Punta Mita and its neighboring towns will be the first tourist destinations in Mexico with the distinction of “Sustainable Destination”, and will be based according to the objectives set by the United Nations Organization (UN), which will serve as an example for the other territories of our country.

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