What are the reasons for creating the Partial Plan for Urban and Tourist Sustainable development of Punta de Mita (PPDUPM)

What is a Partial Plan for Urban and Sustainable Tourism Development?

It is a technical-legal instrument recognized by law in Mexico. It establishes the bases to achieve a sustainable urban development; with which the rational use of its resources, the conservation of the natural environment and the progress of the community is guaranteed. It also promotes the creation of an area that promotes a pleasant, safe and orderly environment for residents and visitors.

In addition, the PPDUPM has a specific regulatory scope, which complements in an important way the Municipal Plan for Urban Tourism and Sustainable Development promoted by the Municipal President Dr. Jaime Alonso Cuevas Tello.

What zone does the PPDUPM plan to regulate?

It has an area of application of 6,420.60 hectares, includes the corridor of “Destiladeras – Punta Mita – Higuera Blanca”. It is inclusive with the 3 villages in the area; Corral del Risco, Emiliano Zapata, and Higuera Blanca, since it is expected to achieve resources for improvement and urban image and with this generate a better economy for its residents and also generate gender equality in sources of work.

Why is it important to implement a PPDUPM?

Given that the region is experiencing rapid growth, the PPDUPM is a proposal in view of the increase in tourism that is expected with the new highway that will arrive from Guadalajara.

In addition, a study was conducted which produced worrying results of current water consumption in the region. The PPDUPM considers for development the low annual water recharge taking care of the development based on its volume of consumption of this non-renewable resource.

It also deals with subsidence, risk areas and pending risks in the region, establishing land use regulations, estimates improvements in the control and management of solid waste and garbage that is generated in the region.

It regulates the urban image, the visual image, the construction of facades, advertisements, and urban furniture; it also regulates sound volumes and is interested in the conservation of the natural environment.

The PPDUPM takes into account the 17 Objectives that the Organizer of the United Nations, the UN, establishes to achieve a Sustainable Development Area. It also considers taking actions to achieve each of them. Here we show you:

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