Private sector projects growth of Punta de Mita

Partial Plan of Development Destiladeras – Punta de Mita, potential instrument for sustainable development.

Environment friendly tourism

Sustainable development for the tourism sector

The ADEPM in its efforts to lead Punta de Mita to obtain the presidential decree as the first Sustainable Tourism Development Zone in the country and thereby regulate an orderly and responsible urban growth with the environment, received a document from the General Director of Sustainable Tourism Planning of SECTUR, Cesar Daniel González Madruga. Said document specifies and confirms the need for a Partial Development Plan in the Destiladeras-Punta de Mita area in order to carry out this declaration.

The document expressly says:

The Partial Plan of Destiladeras–Punta de Mita, is considered as one of the most necessary  instruments to comply with the requirements established in article 54 Section II of the regulations of the General Tourism Law and, therefore, for the Declaration of Zone of Sustainable Tourism Development, in its potential modality, the inclusion of the mentioned process is recommended”

In addition, González Madruga, expressed in his document some other suggestions, such as including in the Partial Plan some criteria for the climatic change and adaptation based on the ecosystems.

The ADEPM set to work and with the support of ADAPTUR and urban experts sought to improve and implement the necessary criteria. The proposal is already in a final phase, it includes criteria to adapt to climate change and policies that are friendlier with the natural environment, without neglecting the urban image of the region and with this you will soon have to start the public consultation process, to finish with its authorization and subsequent publication.

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