Support to entrepreneurs, Nayarit will integrate sustainable objectives. This happened in “Breakfast between friends”

“Breakfast between friends”; with Nayarit Governor Antonio Echevarria Garcia

Hope for Nayarit and support for entrepreneurs with Sustainable Investments

Last January 28, in Tepic, Nayarit, took place the 19th anniversary of “Breakfast between Friends, Hope for Nayarit”, headed by the former governor, Antonio Echevarria Dominguez, father of the current governor. This event was organized in 1998, when then Governor Echevarria Dominguez was launched as a candidate for governorship, leading an electoral alliance with which he managed to defeat the PRI for the first time in the State.

During this important event the present governor Echevarria Garcia highlighted being a man who has the priorities of the Nayaritas clear in his mind. Therefore, there will be a firm hand attached to the law and without any agreement to punish corruption. He also highlighted that Nayarit’s the public debt an inheritance of the last two periods reaches 10 billion pesos. In the face of this, audits are being carried out in the government to determine any act of corruption, define responsibilities and punish those who have stolen public money.

Breakfast between friends Antonio Echevarría, Nayarit

All the support for tourism entrepreneurs “Welcome investments”. “Breakfast between friends”

He also talked about issues like security for the state, through the support to execute precise instructions that he shared with the new prosecutor. He also mentioned to have his attention focused in education, health and the economy of the people of Nayarit.

It is worth mentioning that Governor Echevarria Garcia is also an entrepreneur and therefore supports the development of this sector as an integral part of his government. In his speech this emphasized the following:

“I am an entrepreneur and I believe that the road is the generation of employment and new opportunities for business, the southern tourist area will have all the support; in Bahía de Banderas, in Compostela and San Blas we are generating a new era for investment, we do it the side of the entrepreneurs”.

Antonio Echevarria GGovernor of Nayarit y Katyna Argueta representative of Mexico at the UN

Katyna Argueta, representative of Mexico at the UN Governor of Nayarit Antonio Echevarria. Sustainable Development Goals for Nayarit

On the other hand, the ADEPM, through a favorable link with the State and Municipal governments, has had the opportunity to share ideas and acquire objectives together with the government. In addition to supporting national and foreign investors in the State, Nayarit also aims to consolidate responsible and transcendent actions that impact on the lives of citizens and above all on the planet.

For this reason, the Governor met last January 23 with representantes de México en la ONU (representatives of Mexico at the UN) to share the objectives of the Sustainable Development, which will be integrated into the Development Plans of Nayarit.

With this, we continue advancing in obtaining, for the first time in the country, the distinction of becoming the FIRST MEXICAN SUSTAINABLE DESTINY.

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