The State Development Plan 2017-2021 Nayarit

Where does Nayarit go in the future?

Why a State Development Plan 2017-2021?


On March 23, the Governor of Nayarit, Antonio Echevarria Garcia, announced the creation of a guiding instrument for Nayarit; leading the official act of presentation of the State Development Plan 2017-2021 in Tepic Nayarit.

Governor Antonio Echevarria in his presentation speech of the State Development Plan said:

“The State Development Plan 2017-2021 is not a rosary of good intentions, much less of
occurrences, it is not a document that seeks to complement only with a legal obligation to
present it, it is and will be the broad vision of where we want Nayarit to go in the next four
years and also in the next 25, that it achieves at each stage each of its objectives. If it depends
on us, our honesty and commitment, that once and for all, in a new time of social, political and
economic coexistence that we are able to yield to our personal interests without putting those
of Nayarit and the people of Nayarit ahead”.

The ADEPM was invited by the Government of the State of Nayarit to participate sharing its opinions and proposals aimed to achieve a sustainable development for the area of Punta de Mita.

State Development Plan 2017-2021 Nayarit

State Development Plan 2017-2021 Nayarit, is an exhaustive analysis that contemplates solutions to be followed in an immediate manner.

The State Development Plan 2017-2021 Nayarit is based in orienting and coordinating the efforts of the society and the government to achieve wellness in the areas of safety, better public services, an increase of employment with better labor conditions and also searching a sustainable development that takes care of all the beauties and natural patrimonies that the State of Nayarit has.

The State Development Plan of Nayarit 2017-2021 is an exhaustive analysis that contemplates solutions to be followed in an immediate manner that also consider projections to the year 2042 with the purpose of reorienting the development towards a better distribution of wealth, greater integral equilibrium between regions and a new culture towards sustainability.

In this Development Plan are integrated the proposed solutions to the most pressing demands received during the citizenry participation process from all the regions in the State, where more than 10 thousand Nayaritas had the opportunity to express to the government their principal and most persistent demands. Through this Guiding Instrument 4 Master Axes have been defined:

1) Efficient government and citizen security
2) Productivity and employment
3) Comprehensive social management
4) Sustainable management for the territory.

The basis of the transformation that is aspired and proposed with this instrument is the realization of certain Regional Strategic Projects in the areas of social, economic and territorial development, which will allow elevating the quality of life of urban, rural and indigenous  communities of Nayarit.


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