New roads connecting to the Riviera Nayarit

Meeting of the ADEPM with the general director of the SCT Nayarit, Eng. Marco Antonio Figueroa Quiñones. SICT Nayarit Center. 


In order to expose the great concern that is perceived in the tourism and social sector, due to the heavy vehicular load in Bahía de Banderas, as a result of which Highway 200, which connects the entire bay with Puerto Vallarta, is the only avenue access; The ADEPM met with the general director of the SCT Nayarit ING. Marco Antonio Figueroa Quinones. 

   Mr. Marco Antonio Figueroa stated: Nayarit has a total of 5,115 kilometers of highways, of which 849 are federal, free of tolls and charged by the SCT. And 4266 belong to the rural road. 

In addition, he commented that the road law establishes that there should be no signs on the axis of the highway. Bahía de Banderas has a series of informative signs that are found irregularly, arguing that the destination must inform users of its places and attractions in the area, avoiding generating visual pollution on its roads. 

New road to Riviera Nayarit

The SCT Nayarit has a commitment to finish the work in 2023

On the other hand, the highway from Punta de Mita to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is the responsibility of the federation, only the 4-lane section. The other kilometers that compose it belong to the state. Highway 200 to the Cruz de Huanacaxtle is not the jurisdiction of the SCT but of state competence. However, the dynamics of the SCT is to support all the roads to prevent them from collapsing due to lack of maintenance. 

The Jala Highway to the Puerto Vallarta airport is equivalent to 168 kilometers. Currently, 54 kilometers are already built and in operation, in addition to 15 kilometers that have just been completed. 

A reconstruction, maintenance and operation contract is currently being tendered by Banobras in one section and in another section by the company the concessionaire, a subsidiary of the ideal group, it is these organizations that are working from kilometer 83 to 173 and it is part of their jurisdiction to carry out the process of the release of right of way. 

All the works on this road, which are currently in process, the SCT has as a commitment a completion date in 2023. 

The highway is segmented into three sections, the goal is to finish the work in 2023: 

Engineer Marco Antonio Figueroa mentioned that it will be simple and quite straightforward t to connect from the airport to the new highway on Las Palmas Avenue, which is where the Military Zone of Puerto Vallarta is located. 

During the meeting it was commented that the traffic in this area is currently quite heavy, concentrating a major traffic jam at different times. It would be important to consider and review with Jalisco, the possibility of including the construction of bridges, which allow traffic relief, therefore facilitating access to this highway. 

In order to avoid any kind of congestions such as bottlenecks on the road The director of the SCT has suggested to improve agile movement. . Therefore, he will review with the government of Jalisco and Bahía de Banderas how to work in an integral way to land specific points and achieve a functional project. 

The municipalities do not have the economic capacity to build these adjacent highways, for this reason the three government instances should be coordinated, and a dialogue should be sought to facilitate internal mobility between the 2 municipalities and the 2 states. 

Agreements and Conclusions. 

The main concern  is the slow flow of traffic between the airport and the bus station and the convention center.. Adding to this load all the departures from the airport to the race, could certainly bring more traffic. The SCT promised to deal with it with the company in charge of the project. 

Now is the time to  plan correctly the construction of the highway, to prevent it from becoming a bottleneck, it is a great opportunity to make things right by making all the necessary changes such as a functional section and a highway  that follows the Municipal plan of Bahía de Banderas. 

The SCT is requested to coordinate the municipal and state governments together with the ADEPM to explain the urgency of coordinating these works and avoid a future collapse. It would be essential to consider how Bahía de Banderas would currently be affected by highway 200, since the entire project connects to this highway and traffic is already congested. 

The ADEPM was grateful for the opportunity to have this information and to be able to work hand in hand with the federal SCT and with the Nayarit government. The intention is to support government projects to improve the destination. In addition, a meeting will be held with the liberating company in 4 months or before, to learn about the new advances and the term of acquisition of the rights of way to start the construction of the third section of the highway. 

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