Follow-up to improve garbage management and road mobility in Punta Mita

In follow-up to the actions to contribute with a growth and responsible development, the committee of mobility and handling of garbage in Punta de Mita met the past 5 of January, with the intention to look for solutions to the problems that the current waste management is causing and the deficient road circulation structure that the area has.

This meeting took place in Plaza Ollin, was attended by the Secretary General of the Government, Cristian Valiente, who was updated on the situation in which the area is, in the face of this problem. On behalf of the ADEPM attended Jonathon Smart, Wally Lopez, Javier Torreblanca, Alejandro Cucalon, Lisa Langley and Adalberto Moreno.

In a sector such as tourism, where competition increases day by day, achieving a favorable tourist image specifically in aspects such as security and trust among visitors is a priority goal of each destination. Likewise, the image of a tourist destination interpreted from the perspective of the visitor is part of the indicators by which a tourist is influenced to visit a place. Nowadays due to the incorrect handling of garbage and its deficient operative processes, the destiny is acquiring a perception of dirt.

Currently garbage collection is an activity carried out by the company GIRSSA, which takes up to 3 days to collect it, so the first action was to seek a direct approach with the company and thus find a better solution, but no answers were obtained.

Also included were topics to improve mobility and traffic circulation in the area. It was commented on the existence of a project that considers the use of the town’s parking lot in order to provide a safe and orderly space for vehicles of workers in the area. The land has a capacity for 300 cars, and by its dimensions this same place could be used as a waste collection center.

Agreements taken at the meeting:

The general secretary of government, Cristian Valiente will facilitate a meeting with the traffic director of the municipality in order to thoroughly analyze the problem and take the necessary actions to solve the mobility problem. He also commented that the municipal president, Dr. Jaime Cuevas, will meet with the directors of GIRRSA to achieve a commitment that includes improving the garbage collection service in Punta de Mita and other towns of the municipality.

On the other hand, the Mobility and Garbage Committee of Punta de Mita will present the Parking Project at that meeting, with the intention of proposing solutions and thus undertake better actions to eliminate the problem.

Please write us your comments and initiatives that you consider could improve the mobility of the area in Punta Mita and Anclote; and also give us your proposals to improve the handling of garbage.

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