How to improve garbage management and road mobility in Punta Mita

An important project of the ADEPM and its associates is to contribute to the responsible growth and development of the destiny of Punta Mita and neighboring towns. This implies establishing strategies and promoting actions for each objective to be achieved, making it necessary to include the society in order to obtain positive results.

On Thursday, November 23, in the facilities of Plaza Ollin, representatives of the ADEPM and local business executives formed the Committee for Mobility and Garbage Management in Punta Mita. Among the attendees are: Jonathon Smart, Oliver Atkins, Alfredo Bonnin, Javier Torreblanca, Raul Santos and Adalberto Moreno.

It should be noted that currently there is already a project that proposes a solution to this problem. Raul Santos, has already had rapprochement with the municipal government authorities to manage and seek to carry out this project.

This project contemplates actions related to mobility in the Punta Mita area. Like the construction of a new roundabout in front of the parking lot that is located next to the road. It was also proposed to request the concession of the parking lot, with the purpose of allowing the protection of the vehicles of the workers of Punta Mita and El Anclote, avoiding the use of the streets or the access to El Anclote for this purpose.

It is worth mentioning that this proposal seeks to benefit and work for everyone considering the needs of mobility in the locality. The use of golf carts as a shuttle service is analyzed, establishing transport routes for workers starting from the parking lot.

The committee also considers solutions for garbage collection and disposal in the area. For what it is proposed to define a buffer zone of garbage. It analyzes the purchase of containers and their strategic installation in the area, so that it is functional for residents and workers.

GIRRSA is the company in charge of garbage collection in the municipality; it is proposed to hold a meeting with its representatives to add actions and solutions to this problem.

Write us your comments and initiatives that you consider could improve the mobility of the area in Punta Mita and El Anclote. Also give us your proposals to improve the handling of garbage.

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