New and equipped patrol to improve security in Compostela

Public Security strategy started in Riviera Nayarit

The Secretary of Public Security of Nayarit Benito Rodríguez Martínez; As a state government project, he made the proposal to entrepreneurs and developers through ADEPM, to implement a joint strategy for crime prevention in the municipalities of Nayarit. 

This strategy consists in that the developer entrepreneurs will acquire the transportation for the security personnel. And for his part, the Secretary of Public Security will provide the authorized and armed elements to take care of the area. 

Nayarit Public Safety

Public Security strategy started in Riviera Nayarit

The first development to join this initiative is La Mandarina in Compostela, Nayarit. Both organizations signed an agreement, through which the Mandarina facilitated the purchase of the truck under the specifications and needs that are required for this purpose and also equipped it with everything necessary to offer the agents an effective work tool. And for his part, the secretary Benito Rodríguez assigned the corresponding elements. 

With this vehicle, night patrols, registration of people and vehicles will be carried out, in order to counteract criminal acts. The works in the area are carried out by state elements deployed in strategic areas, maintaining a police presence with fixed points, surveillance tours of the highway areas, breaches and by foot. 

This project represents an improvement for each area and municipality, working together with the private sector and the state government of Nayarit, without doubting the scope that will be taken to reduce criminal acts will be much greater. 

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