For a municipality in equilibrium with nature and development

Partial Urban Development Plan for Destiladeras–Punta de Mita


At present, there are already zones of Bahía de Banderas that have a Partial Development Plan, 5 of which stand out in the municipality:

Although it is true that the partial development plans encompass a large extent of the land uses of each part of the territory to be ordered, monitoring a responsible growth that does not exceed the planet’s capacities and its regeneration, they also consider other environmental aspects such as:

At present there is a 47% deficit of water supply in the area, the need for this resource in Higuera Blanca, Emiliano Zapata and Corral del Risco is of 1175 cubic meters, and what is currently supplied is 616 cubic meters. There is a well in Higuera Blanca with enough water for the region but it has pumping problems since it does not have the correct facilities.

The Punta Mita development, like Higuera Blanca, has its water treatment plant with a capacity of 20-22 liters per second and a water quality and purity of 95%; because it uses an aerobic process. The aerial systems of wastewater treatment takes advantage of the capacity of microorganisms to assimilate organic matter and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) dissolved in the wastewater for their own growth, in the presence of oxygen, which will act as an electron acceptor in the process of oxidation of organic matter.

Plan Parcial de Desarrollo Urbano Punta de Mita

Partial Urban Development Plan for Destiladeras–Punta de Mita, and its benefits for the community

In conclusion, the first objective of the Partial Development Plans is to allow a balance between the development of the municipality and nature. Working with the needs and demands of the planet is the responsibility of governments and their people. The planet belongs to everyone and it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it and for this reason we invite you to watch the IMPLAN video to know the information on the Destiladeras-Punta de Mita Partial Development Plan. Come to IMPLAN to know the information and workshops imparted to society at large, associations, companies and government so that we are all well informed and all of us put our grain of sand for the welfare of the planet.

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