Littering on the road is not free, It is actually very expensive

How expensive can it become littering on the road through car window?

We know that a fire occurs when a lit cigarette butt is thrown on the road. Glass bottles can cause fires, can injure passing wildlife as well as injure cyclists and, of course, have a significant negative environmental impact.

Containers such as plastic bottles, bags, etc. They go directly to the sea dragged by the rains, affecting their biodiversity. So littering is not free for our economy or the environment. In fact it is a very high cost

clean Riviera Nayarit

To avoid littering on the road, a permanent cleaning program is sought

Due to the affluent traffic that exists on the highways, the debris and garbage that drivers throw on them, places them in the first place where the largest amount of waste is collected. This was demonstrated by a study carried out by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

It was also pointed out that Mexico has 41,000 kilometers of toll-free federal highway sections, in charge of the Ministry of Communications. 10,930 kilometers of these highway sections in the Mexican Republic have garbage problems due to drivers.

Garbage becomes a source of infection for land, towns, seas and nearby rivers, in addition to being the cause of accidents. Another fairly common waste around roads and communication routes is tires. Their degradation in the environment produces hazardous waste, they can release up to 200 chemical compounds.

The highway that goes from Cruz de Huanacaxtle to Punta de Mita has a state section and another federal section. What has been complicating the correct and adequate maintenance of it.

The ADEPM seeks to be allowed to adopt this road by the private sector of the region, in order to carry out a coordinated and permanent cleaning program between the municipal government, the state government and the businessmen of the ADEPM. The purpose is continuous conservation, with the collection of materials, garbage, pruning of ridges and irrigation in this stretch of road.

Signs will also be placed inviting drivers to keep the roads clean and deposits with garbage containers will be located at the most functional points along the drivers’ path.

A meeting will be held in the near future with the director of the SCT Nayarit, who, in addition to coming to share with the ADEPM the progress of the new highway, and the highway bypass of the bay; You will also be presented with the proposal for the conservation of the road section that goes from Cruz de Huanacaxtle to Punta de Mita.

In short, it will be a great contribution to the environment. Garbage on the roads is the result of an action that takes a second for the driver, but for the planet and others it is a lifetime.

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