Global tourism trends, Less is More

 Global tourism trends 2021

 “Tianguis Turístico México” is the most relevant event in the tourist  sector in Mexico organized by the Secretary of Tourism. Its main objective is  to promote and sell tourist products and services. Its pur.The main purpose is to increase the flow of people from all over the world, national and international markets which will introduce the different products they may offer.

The ADEPM was invited to be part of this important event as a speaker in the Panel “Sustainability, the minimum floor of tourism” which aims to expose from different areas of tourism the perspective of sustainability in this sector.

One of the issues that must be considered are the expectations for sustainable tourism. There are several destinations in Mexico which don´t apply the wastewater treatment, creating a high level of pollutants looking just like dumps.. Roads are frequently used to dump waste, which ends up on the coasts as well as open-air solid waste dumps.

The foundations must  promote education under a system of social responsibility, understanding it as the commitment that all citizens, institutions – public or private – and social organizations have to direct their actions to improve the environment.

According to statistics, the global tourism trends is LESS IS MORE. Less concrete, less tourist density. To generate more regional appeal, greener and nature. The end result for the sustainable tourism industry is better profitability and economic spillover.

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Global tourism trends, what places do you prefer to vacation?

Although entrepreneurs in the sector are recognized as generators of employment and development, they have also been involved in abuse, damages, etc. So, what should be the ideal profile and the minimum necessary values ​​of the business community in the face of sustainable tourism?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of managing companies based on managing the impacts that their activity generates on their clients, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and on society in general. They are our means of contributing to society making it into a more equal and sustainable planet.

In the Riviera Nayarit, ADEPM in conjunction with SECTUR have committed to sustainable care. For this, they have been working to obtain the declaration under the potential modality, in the process established by law, to comply with and implement the rules that will allow obtaining in the Destiladeras – Punta de Mita region a presidential declaration as a Sustainable Tourism Development Zone .

The development of a Partial Plan – District for Sustainable Urban Development is considered a necessary instrument to obtain this declaration. With which the statutes that must be followed to generate an orderly and responsible urban development will be established.

Thus, a great responsibility is acquired, since taking care of orderly urban development will depend on the private sector in conjunction with the municipal, state and federal authorities. As well as inclusion actions will have to be undertaken, since growth in tourism is projected in the region as high-spending, generating a virtuous social and economic circle.

The use, optimization and treatment of water is also a priority, since we are all responsible for returning them clean to the sea. The amount of garbage that is generated today could be reduced by 20% with actions such as the separation of organic and inorganic solid waste. They are practices that should be taken as a social and corporate responsibility

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