How to ensure basic services will be provide in the future of Bahía de Banderas

How to avoid shortages of water and other basic services in Bahia de Banderas?

Water is a natural non-renewable resource, fundamental for the environmental and social process and indispensable for the sustainable development of life. The welfare of residents and visitors of the Punta de Mita region depends on this resource. Currently the supply of this vital liquid in the peninsula is carried out through the transfer of a well located in Bucerias. The supply exceeds its consumption and recovery limits. The reality is that nowadays there is less and less water, its scarcity demands immediate attention since aquifer systems are being altered at an accelerated rate and we face important problems related to the use and sustainability of this valuable resource.

Faced with this problem, the ADEPM promotes a proposal that guarantees the reduction of consumption levels and contributes to the sustainability of the area. This offer also considers very important factors for the optimal development of the region, which allow solving this problem; this is achieved through the implementation of the PARTIAL PLAN FOR URBAN, TOURIST AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF PUNTA DE MITA.


The director of urban development on instructions of the Municipal Mayor, Dr. Jaime Cuevas, coordinated a meeting with the councilors of the municipality of Bahía de Banderas, who are in charge of the urban development commission of the municipality, to address this issue.

Attending this meeting to present the PARTIAL PLAN FOR URBAN TOURIST AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, were ADEPM President, Jason Lavender, Adalberto Moreno, Luis Gómez Portugal and Guillermo Ohem; the general secretary of government of Bahía de Banderas, Christian Valiente, the director of urban development Arch Matias Verdin, the director of municipal tourism, Rocio Martinez, and the councilors Jose Francisco Lopez Castañeda, Selene Lorena Cardenas Pedraza and Jorge Antonio Luquin Ramos

In addition to informing those present of the already elaborated URBAN TOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PLAN, made according to the guidelines of SECTUR. They were also informed of the different objectives of the same one that among many is sustainable development in the region.

Current Tourism Secretary of Mexico

Enrique de la Madrid Cordero. On Aug. 27, 2015, De la Madrid took over as Tourism Secretary.

On the other hand they were informed that this study is already known to the Secretary of Federal Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid, who after an analysis proposes to carry it out and be used as an example in the country to repeat this project in other tourist destinations in Mexico. Likewise, this study also regulates the urban image of the area, integrating elements that attribute to establish an identity to the destination.

Likewise, it regulates urban development gathering elements to decree Sustainable Development Zones, establishing regulations and control of regional growth.

Faced with this proposal, the government authorities commented to be convinced of favoring and improving development in the region, in addition to substantially complementing the Municipal Development Plan, currently promoted by the government of Dr. Jaime Cuevas; for which they requested a second meeting which was held in the first days of January in order to jointly carry out the chronology and organization that allows carrying out the process from its inception to its completion.

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