Avoid generating pollution in water is responsibility of all

Water pollution by fats and oils

The water pollutants that have generated many problems in the treatment of waste are fats and oils. Very few waste treatment plants have the possibility to separate these materials as they are less dense and immiscible with water, causing them to diffuse through the surface, so that small amounts of fats and oils can cover large areas of water, even some oils, especially minerals, are usually toxic.

Water service Bahia de Banderas

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The figures are alarming; experts in the field say that 1 liter of oil contaminates 1,000,000 liters of water. It is a problem in which today they are working to give a definitive solution; that is why on January 16, the Directors of Oromapas (the water and sewage entity in charge of the water treatment plants in Bahia de Banderas) met with the ADEPM, shareholders of common land of the zone, and restaurateurs, with the purpose of taking decisive measures that will avoid the spread of contamination.

It is evident that taking care of water is an obligation of all people; fortunately this awareness is being increasingly accepted and adopted by all. And for this reason, the first action measure will be taken: the installation of grease traps in all the restaurant businesses in Punta Mita and Anclote.

Therefore, the requirement to install grease traps will be extended to all businesses that represent a risk of impact. It will be carried out through an official statement issued by Oromapas, which will define and explain the logistics to implement this action. Timely notice to effect this measure will allow the owners of these businesses to take corrective measures at their facilities, in time to prevent the valuable water resource from being contaminated.

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