Video surveillance network, a proposal from the Nayarit government

A collective security system with cameras in Bahia de Banderas

The government of Mexico to improve and increase its scope and measures in terms of security, created the C4 (Command, Control, Communication and Computation Center), these are spaces where all kinds of activities are concentrated and centralized, through technology and infrastructure of communications related to security, emergencies and civil protection, allowing for an effective coordination in security issues and making it possible to channel the information to the corresponding authorities of all levels of government.

The C4’s have the function of becoming strategic tools at the forefront of technology and also allow the timely and reliable exchange of information ranging from traffic control to the prevention of crime, managing to provide attention to emergencies, flow of people, among other activities to the calls received through 911.

The Asociacion de Empresarios de Punta de Mita and Riviera Nayarit (ADEPM) together with the State Coordinator of Nayarit in security matters manage a collective security project with video-surveillance cameras in Bahía de Banderas. This is a project that has been developed successfully in other States of the Republic, therefore, Nayarit seeking to preserve security aims to join him.

The project consists of that, through the private initiative, companies, residents and anyone interested in providing video-surveillance to their real estate or businesses acquire a high-tech camera with an average cost of 600 dollars, which will be installed directly to the building or business to be monitored and will be monitored 24 hours by the C4. The software of these cameras can be programmed according to the needs of each person in their property; to detect any movement outside this programming will issue an alert, which will be managed directly by the C4 for its channeling. This monitoring will cost an average of $ 250 per year for the owner of the camera.

Through the support of citizens and business owners and companies, the organizations prepared and established to maintain the security of the region will be connected and will be able to act in time to resolve any situation. Currently this project is in the legislative phase, so that its use can be used legally if required.

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