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Punta Mita Police Station will be back

As a result of a successful relationship between the ADEPM and the government authorities, on December 22, it was agreed to join efforts and begin the rehabilitation of the Punta de Mita police station.

La estación de policía para Punta Mita ya inicio su reintalación para una mayor seguridad

Emergencies in Bahia de Banderas. Coming soon Punta Mita Police Station.

This station is located between Las Palmas Ave and Pescadores Ave. Nine years ago it was the place that protected the area and maintained order; but in recent years it has been abandoned and lacking any basic maintenance or service.

However, with the support of the Municipal Government of Dr. Jaime Cuevas and the ADEPM, it was agreed to take joint actions to reinstate and return the active police participation of well-equipped personal that zone deserves

Therefore ADEPM, DINE, and FUNDACION PUNTA MITA, will join efforts and support to carry out the physical rehabilitation in the entire police station. It will be completely rescued from the abandonment and bad conditions in which it is found now, in order to turn it into a new place that represents safety and is integrated to the image and well-being of Punta Mita.

On the other hand, the Municipality and the Director of Public Safety, Commander Ricardo Guerra made the commitment to provide all the support in matters related to the procedures of law for basic services, and of course, with the active operation of a qualified and well equipped police force. In addition there will be a patrol and a quad-bike to facilitate early assistance in any contingency which will have attentive police 24 hours 7 days a week.

The project has already started; the actions are being carried out. Until now this is how the place looks, but soon it will have a new image with which it will also be perceived how valuable it is to join efforts between society, the private sector and the government to achieve harmony and security added to Punta Mita and neighboring towns.

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