Partial Plan for Urban Development and Sustainable Tourism development zones

Last October 23, the meeting to analyze the progress of this urban development instrument was held in the city of Tepic Nayarit.  Attending were Federal government officials as the Director of Urban Tourism Planning, the Tourism Ministry of the Federal Government, as well as state officials as Deputy Secretary of Tourism of Nayarit, Planning Director of the Tourism Office Secretariat of Nayarit, and Municipal government representatives, as the Municipal Trustee of Bahía de Banderas. Director of Public Works of Bahía de Banderas, Director of Urban Development and Ecology of Bahía de Banderas, Director of Tourism of Bahía de Banderas, and the active presence of ADEPM; Jason Lavender, the President of the Asociación de Empresarios de Punta de Mita y Riviera Nayarit A.C. Lic. Adalberto Moreno Benavent; General Director, Guillermo Ohem Ochoa; Consultant of the ADEPM, Luis Gómez Portugal Enrigue, Member of ADEPM.

The consolidation process of the Partial Plan for Urban Development in the Destiladeras-Punta de Mita region was presented. It was commented that the initiative arises from a request from the ADEPM to Mr. Enrique de la Madrid. Secretary of Federal Tourism.

Prof Ussiel García mentioned that the Destiladeras-Punta de Mita region, in which the urban development plan will be developed, is viable for certification in the (ZDTS) Sustainable Development Zone. To start the certification process there must be a request from the government of the State or the Municipality. The guidelines of the Sustainable Tourism Development Zones (ZDTS) were presented.

The ADEPM told Dr. Beatriz Martinez that about 40 civil associations, common land shareholders and individual entrepreneurs, as well as companies in the tourism sector, requested the preparation of the Partial Plan for Urban Development in the Destiladeras-Punta de Mita region.


The observations issued by FONATUR will be sent to be resolved and thus request a visit from them.

Dr. Beatriz Martinez asked the ADEPM to send a copy of the request sent to the Municipality of Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit; and recommends participating in citizen consultation forums, so that the petition of the plan is aligned with the Plan of Municipal Development.


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