Nia Riviera Nayarit- The new innovative and sustainable community

Nia Riviera Nayarit will be a mega development.

On a base made with rock from the region and symbolizing the strong cultural roots of our Nayarit land. Being also the firm promise that begins, to create a destination that improves the quality of life; the first stone of what will be Nia is placed.

Banderas Bay, Nayarit is a Destination that is committed to Economic and Social Development as to Sustainable Destination. With integrative New Trends and Sustainable Technologies Into Your Investments. But that they also adapt to changes in lifestyles, Opening Opportunities and improving People’s Quality of Life; This is How the Identity of Nía Riviera Nayarit Emerges.

Artha Capital has come up with three questions to answer all doubts.

How are people going to live? How are we going to offer spaces to families so they live comfortably? How can we make all this part of a community, a resort? This is what Carlos Gutiérrez Anreassen mentioned in the opening ceromony.

Nia Riviera Nayarit fully planned community

Nia Riviera Nayarit fully planned community

Several studies and analyzes were carried out in order to see what was needed within the market. Strategies were created in order to strengthen the relationship between the community, the sea and the environment. This is how NIA came up with the idea of integrating a lake, a nursery for plants, a little village, a beach club, a walking path, bikeway and courts. It will also provide 6,500 jobs directly and 10,000 jobs indirectly.

The laying of the first stone of Nia brought together important public servants and businessmen. Highlighting the participation of the governor of Nayarit Miguel Ángel Navarro, also the president of the state congress, Lic. Alba Cristal Espinoza Peña, the mayor of Bahía de Banderas Mirtha Iliana Villalvazo Amaya, as well as senators and deputies of the local congress.

Nía Riviera Nayarit will be a destination facing the sea and mountains that will experience unique and luxurious experiences in the Riviera Nayarit.

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