Nayarit climbing in the pandemic

Nayarit Phase 3 of COVID-19

Mexico is in Phase 3 of the pandemic. Nayarit establishes new measures

There are already 16,752 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexico to April 29, 2020. Click HERE (to see information in real time). It was announced that Mexico is already in a national phase 3. The health authorities work to keep a contagion control in a focused way. This is because there are areas that present a rapidly increasing dispersion.

It should be noted that the peak of phase 3 occurs when the maximum transmission is registered, which is expected to happen between May 8 and 10.

The country’s health authorities have extended the confinement for the regions with the most infections to May 30th. and for the regions with the fewest cases registered to May 17th.

To determine the situation of infections by municipalities, 3 colors were established that mean: in Green, those with no presence of infections and not close to any other. In yellow for municipalities that are neighbors of others where there are infections. In red those who have reported infections.

The Governor of Nayarit Antonio Echevarría, on April 18th, informed all citizens of the following points regarding the contingency by COVID-19.

1.- We have had new cases, and unfortunately there have been deaths. Despite all the efforts of the State Government, our contagion and death rate is high.

2.- For this reason, it is necessary to take hard and unavoidable measures. I want to make it clear, “that I am a man who listens, and having received many comments about the rumor of” Today does not circulate, “I have decided not to sanction the circulation of cars, but to people who have no justification for being in the streets they will be sanctioned.

3.- In the next 2 weeks, WE WILL NOT ALLOW people to be on the street without valid justifications This means that, people circulating without reason will be accompanied by the security authorities to their homes, and in case of showing resistance, they will be taken directly to jail, due to damage to the health of people in Nayarit.

4.- I am aware that meetings and parties continue to be held in our state, for this reason we have determined that the hosts will be detained for exposing themselves and exposing the health of everyone.

5.- Finally, I call on society to participate as a team, in an organized way, forming groups of Watchful Citizens, the objective is to report to the authorities people who do not follow the health instructions.

The Report ended by stating that these measures were taken based on the circumstances that the contingency is manifesting in Nayarit and with only one objective; SAVE LIFES.

It is also important to let you know that the new IMSS hospital in Bahía de Banderas is already operating. It was inaugurated by the Governor on April 17th, and was equipped and destined to treat the cases of contagions derived from this pandemic. It has 144 beds, 24-hour emergency services. and at the moment there are only 24 respirators.

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