Municipal Development Plan of Banderas Bay

PMD (acronym in Spanish) 2017 – 2021


Consultation Forums of the Municipal Development Plan 2017-2021, start in Bahía de Banderas with the purpose of creating a project with public policies that prioritize the order and responsibility to draw solid projects together with society.

Municipal Development Plan – It is a management tool that promotes the social development of the municipality. In this way, planning the development in the Municipality means, clearly defining objectives, goals and priorities; to define actions and allocate resources based on the type of development to which the municipal community aspires and also lays the foundations to meet the unmet needs of the population and thus improve the quality of life of all citizens.

The intention is that the solutions offered can be maintained over time and be sustainable, so that the population can maintain its own resources. The municipal development plan is based on what the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico states in its Article 115

Who can participate? all the adult population that wants to integrate their proposals, specific projects with issues of solution to the socioeconomic problems of the municipality.

How can they participate? Being active in the forums; the result of citizen participation in these forums will help define strategies for the proper development of our municipality, establishing through the Municipal Development Plan, public policies and lines of action to together build a new time for Bahía de Banderas.

The Municipal President, Dr. Jaime Cuevas, and his city council, invited the ADEPM to be part of this initiative as advisors in the process of updating the new Municipal Plan for Urban Development of Bahía de Banderas. The ADEPM had the honor of taking protest in such an important event for the region.

The Municipal Development Plan 2017-2021 will be published in the Municipal Gazette and in the Official Newspaper of the State of Nayarit no later than Saturday, December 16, 2017.

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