Libramiento Construction, a need that meets immediately

The Interstate Metropolitan Area of ​​Puerto Vallarta – Bahía de Banderas (AMIPV-BB) is made up of 2 municipalities, Puerto Vallarta and Bahía Banderas. With a distance of 17.30 km between them. Which would mean that in a few minutes you could go from one municipality to another.

The bridge over the Ameca River, in the direction of Puerto Vallarta to Bahía de Banderas, completed this year 2022, 56 years of operation, connecting the inhabitants and services of both municipalities.

According to IIEG sources, based on INEGI; Population and Housing Census 2010 and 2020. Between 2010 and 2020, the AMIPV-BB population increased by 26.2%, which meant that 99,585 people were added.

Population growth has maintained an accelerated growth. This would also have to mean growth for basic services and infrastructure. This being the reason why today the few minutes it would take to go from one municipality to another have turned into hours.

The ADEPM closely with the Nayarit government, the infrastructure secretary, the Communications and Transportation Secretary, are working to speed up and finalize the construction of the bypass.

Immediate alternatives are sought to sustain the traffic that is expected to be in the high season of December, while working in parallel with the construction of this bypass, which is so necessary today to circulate through the Interstate Metropolitan Area of ​​Puerto Vallarta – Bahía de Banderas.

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