Jaime Cuevas summons all sectors to continue adding strengths for Bahia de Banderas

“Together, Society and Government will go on as a team with the clear objective to bring forth our Municipality”

With the participation of more than 7 thousand persons, a breakfast took place at Rancho Los Algodones, in San Jose del Valle, organized by Municipal President, Dr. Jaime Cuevas, with the intention to thank the support that he received from the different sectors of society and to start actions for the benefit of the municipality, and to support diverse projects for the region.

ADEPM was invited to this breakfast as it has maintained itself as an important pillar of support to the municipal government, strengthening the links that allow initiating more actions in the benefit of the region, thus consolidating a good working relationship that has allowed the municipality to move forward with joint actions.

Jaime Cuevas Bahía de Banderas

Jaime Cuevas summons all Bahia de Banderas, thanks all the social sectors for supporting the municipality

Dr. Jaime Cuevas also commented that 6 months ago when he initiated his government, has been going against the current due to the conditions in which he received the municipality, which had negative figures, up to the time when little by little reached stability for the Municipality. He reiterated that the base of his government is to take responsible and concrete changes and to achieve that, he had been working hand in hand with all sectors having a fixed vision of the aims and pointing directly to them.

He concluded his speech asking to all citizens to demand results, but at the same time adding their little bit of effort fulfilling all their obligations as citizens and asking them to strengthen the values that each family has, including valor and love for their lands. Lastly he reaffirmed his message of unity for the good of all.

 “Let’s go with everything we got working for Mexico, let’s go together, with all to continue changing the history of Bahia de Banderas, let us go firmly, victorious, and committed, but always in good terms and in a good manner”.

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