Find out the complete address by the Dr. Jaime Alonso Cuevas Tello in his inauguration as municipal president of Bahía de Banderas

“Today, the people and the government will be a team; together we will leave behind those times of lag, pride, corruption and oblivion. Starting today, we will turn it around to return to the citizens what they are entitled to, what they pay with their taxes.

Today, with all humility and responsibility, I assume the position of municipal president of Bahia de Banderas. I take this challenge with conviction and security; today I tell you loud and clear: I am ready; I am ready to work hand in hand with you! I am ready to return to the towns and the colonies! I am ready to fulfill what I undertook!

Unlike those who had us living in abandonment, I do not come to learn how to work, I do not bring a suitcase full of excuses, I come with the suitcase full of projects, which from today will be integrated into a municipal plan which will be distinguished by responsible planning and the intelligent use of public resources, a plan integrated by clear axes and tangible projects that will open the door to more federal and state resources, always in search of progress for all.

We, the people of Bahia de Banderas will also do our homework getting our municipality ahead! That is why, in the next sessions of the council, I will have to put to the consideration of councilmembers, the organic restructuring of the municipality, in which we will reduce the heavy and costly bureaucratic burden, reduce ordinary operating costs and make more efficient the human capital, especially, in which the workers will have the invaluable opportunity to demonstrate to the people that we are efficient. We have the precious opportunity to be recognized.

But I also tell you that if the citizens demonstrate and demand the departure of any member of the administration for bad treatment or for breaching their obligations, citizens will find the support of their municipal president.

Quality services should set the pace with which people regain confidence in the municipal government. The water, drainage, garbage collection, lighting and all other services responsibility of the municipality, will be put to rigorous scrutiny and to permanent processes of continuous improvement; we will always seek to do more with less!

Our municipality is young and growing by leaps and bounds, but not in an orderly way and forgetting sectors that are extremely important for the present and the future of our land. In the following days, I will present before the town council the initiatives corresponding to the creation of the Institutes of Municipal Planning, Housing Institute, Institute of Youth and Institute of Women. With these new institutions Bahía de Banderas will not only begin to pay off the historical debt of lack of attention that we have with the citizens, but as a whole will be key to bring our beloved Bay to a new time of progress for all.

During my administration it will be a priority to return legal certainty to these families, regularizing the estates that are found with irregularities and advising those affected so that together we find the best solution to each particular situation.

“Long-term planning is not about thinking about future decisions, but about the future of the present decisions”. With this sentence, I begin to explain what refers to the municipal Planning Institute, which will be the key so that from now on, all each of the actions; programs and works that are carried out, will respond to a real need, under the highest quality standards and the most responsible management of resources, giving priority to the economy, quality and durability of the works.

This is my commitment!

I promise not to rest in the promotion of our municipality; that there will be no corner of the country without being invited to visit our beaches, mountains and valleys; which in the world we are recognized for our research tourism, sports, ecological and of course as a paradise for family vacations. I will fulfill my commitment to promote tourism in the mountainous areas of our municipality, with the construction of first level infrastructure that meets the demands of European and North American tourism and of course with the expectations of the national tourist.

Through the DIF municipal system and the institutes of women, youth and educational institutions, we will implement training programs in all matters related to tourism, we will make our people the best trained in the deal with the tourist and we will achieve that the income of our families will increase.

The task will be arduous, but the goodwill of the businessmen is with us. Thanks to that goodwill, I can announce that there is a commitment from them to the construction of more than 10 thousand hotel rooms in the next 4 years!

My recognition for the businessmen who support Bahia de Banderas, Your commitment is recognized and we greatly appreciate the willingness to team with the municipal and state government; thanks for accompanying me in this event. This great team works in a reciprocal way, which is why we will put at your disposal the office of attention to large investments, which has the responsibility of attending to you in an efficient and friendly manner, to guarantee the agility in the procedures that you may have to carry out.

Comprehensive progress cannot and should not be understood if it does not go hand in hand with our communal farmers, merchants, fishermen, and all organized civil society; I gave them my commitment to seek at every moment, benefits for all sectors of our society and support them in their equipment and infrastructure needs. I understand that the new infrastructure also represents challenges for this municipal administration, mainly in regards of water service, paving and garbage collection. Therefore, we will manage the construction of new treatment plants and systems for the distribution of water from the mountains to the coast, to solve the great problems of lack of supply that our brothers from the coast suffer and to develop that area of incomparable beauty.

The challenges continue and will continue, and one of the most important is security. During my campaign I committed to make safety a central issue in my administration. I made a promise to everyone; I promised that we would convert the luxury vehicles that were given to the councilmen, into patrols for each town. The commitment was to increase 15 patrols per year to 60 units circulating; however, I know that crime is not going to wait; I know we must comply with that commitment as soon as possible. That is why I tell you, before the end of my first year, I will comply with fifty percent of that commitment and more than 30 patrols will be circulating!

The municipal presidency was not up to the demands of modern citizens nor familiar with the use of new technologies. Therefore, I will implement interactive kiosks of information, procedures and services; as well as agreements with different establishments and businesses to be able to make payments of property and other services. The simplification and modernization of procedures, will be a reality.

From today until the last day of my administration, I will put all my effort, my experience and my time for Bahía de Banderas to have the best of the present and, based on solid planning, build the best future.

The hope of Bahia de Banderas is set in all of us and we are not going to let them down.

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