10 reasons to plant, care, and defend trees

Last July 11th was celebrated the International day of the Tree. For that reason, the government of Bahia de Banderas commemorated the occasion with a Fair on the esplanade of San Jose del Valle. The ADEPM attended and had the pleasant surprise on the professionalism of all participants. Among other exhibits, you could find the Center for the Adoption of Trees, as well as very interesting and very informative workshops on the subject from which children, adults and even the elderly learned a lot.

Trees provide a great variety of benefits for the planet and its inhabitants; here we share a few of the most important things we must do to accomplish their fulfillment: Plant, care for and defend the trees are excellent ways in which we can contribute to maintain our planet healthy and safe. Let us make Bahía de Banderas a sustainable and friendly destination.

  1. Trees cool the streets and the city – According to the studies carried out by tiempo.com the global thermal records in this 2019, have increased around 3.5 degrees Celsius, this due to the decrease in tree cover and the increase in the amount of roads and buildings that absorb heat. Trees interrupt the “heat islands” by releasing water vapor into the air through their leaves.
  2. Trees provide oxygen – Adult trees can provide oxygen for 18 people.
  3. Trees conserve energy – Three trees strategically placed around a family’s home can cut the need for air conditioning in the summer by up to 50 percent, reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutant gases produced by electric plants.
  4. Trees save water – The shade of trees decreases the evaporation of water from thirsty lawns and increases atmospheric humidity.
  5. Trees help prevent soil erosion – On the slopes of mountains, slopes of rivers and streams, trees help stop runoff and keep the ground in place.
  6. Trees protect children from ultraviolet rays – The most common type of cancer nowadays is in the skin. Trees reduce exposure to UV-B rays by approximately 50 percent, thereby providing protection to children in schools and playgrounds, where they spend a lot of time outdoors.
  7. Trees provide food and shelter – In addition to being an important source of food for humans, so are they shelter for the birds and wildlife of our planet.
  8. Trees heal – Studies have shown that patients and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders heal faster or show fewer symptoms when they have access to nature. Being between trees and nature improves concentration by reducing mental fatigue.
  9. Trees generate economic opportunities – In addition to the profits that can be obtained from the commercialization of their fruits, and by saving water, there is also a large segment of people who travel in search of natural landscaping.

    10. Cities become emblematic for their wonderful tree structures – All over the world there are cities famous for their natural                       tunnels made by trees, and avenues and streets lined with them.

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