The best medical attention of punta de mita grows

Hospital Punta de Mita opens clinic in Mezcales, Bahía de Banderas

Last June 2017 Punta de Mita Hospital opened its doors and its founders and staff proudly serves the community and visitors from the Punta de Mita area and surroundings; today they extend their medical services in the Bay and open a clinic in Mezcales, Nayarit.

Punta de Mita Hospital has provided approximately 400 X-Ray services, more than 80 ambulance transfers and surgeries from Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Ovarian Rejuvenation, PRP, to Orthopedics and Emergency Surgeries to name a few.

The emergency and laboratory services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a day with doctors and qualified personnel trained in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, ACLS.

Punta Mita Hospital continues improving its facilities, in order to provide better quality in its services and that is why from September 2018 incorporated a new Siemens 64-slice Computerized Tomography Scanner (CT scan). This represents having the best equipment for tomography THROUGHOUT THE REGION, with the ability to perform conventional general studies, as well as cardiovascular and neurovascular. This allows evaluating in minutes patients suffering from strokes, analyzing the cerebral vasculature and planning neurointerventional treatments. In addition, quickly assess the risk and coronary age, with this being able to rule out coronary artery disease in less than 1 minute, as well as simple and contrasted studies of the skull and neck, thorax, abdomen and extremities.

In addition, last October 2018 the Intensive Care Unit was activated, which provides treatment to patients with serious and potentially fatal illnesses and injuries. By the end of this year, there will be a Diagnostic Cardiology Unit and a Hemodynamics Area, for the purpose of treating patients who suffer a heart attack due to coronary artery blockages and for whom it is necessary to perform cardiac catheterization surgery, determinant to save your life.

Hospital Punta de Mita services for the community

Punta de Mita Hospital created the Bronce membership, with the intention that the community has access to quality medical services

As a support to the community, Punta de Mita Hospital created the Bronze membership. The purpose is that everyone has access to quality services, so that with this membership they can have their subscribed consultations at half price, plus 50 percent discount on hospital and emergency admissions, X-rays, CT Scans, also in supplies and medications in the hospital and ambulance transfers, in addition to a 10 percent in clinical laboratory and pharmacy.

All this for the annual cost of 200 pesos, restrictions apply, since it is aimed at profiles with scarce possibilities to contract high quality medical services and for companies that offer a more complete medical security to their collaborators. This membership applies both to be treated at the Hospital located in Punta de Mita and at the newly inaugurated clinic in Mezcales, Bahía de Banderas.


For more information and membership hiring, go the web page: or call 329-688-0059 and in case of Emergencies: 329-688-0068.


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