COPARMEX, the Government of Bahía de Banderas and ADEPM follow up on issues of political, social and economic importance.

The Annual Ordinary Assembly of COPARMEX Nayarit was held in the city of Tepic, where the entrepreneurs of the area, representativies of the ADEPM and the Municipal President Dr. Jaime Cuevas maintained a dialogue with Gustavo Hoyos Walther National President of COPARMEX.

In the assembly were treated important issues for the Municipality related to security such as the Law on Internal Security, in which important opinions were highlighted; like the image of the Armed Forces before civil society, and the strategies to combat organized crime, among others.

Also discussed were political issues such as the next Prosecutor of the Republic, who the possible candidates are for the position, and the powers that he will have; former governors and the difficulty of prosecuting corrupt public officials; the effectiveness of the National Anticorruption System was analyzed and thus determine if this would be a successful project or a quick-exit response and whatever it would take for the project to be applied by law.

On the social side issues were discussed with reference to the IMSS, it was suggested the possibility of opting for a system where employer contributions serve for private health insurance. The system of Higher Education in Nayarit was also analyzed; in this regard it was commented on the existence of a large number of schools offering the academic curricula, saturating the labor market with the “traditional” degrees so it was suggested to do more promotion to technical careers and look for a greater link with the productive sectors.

The economic factor was also part of this dialogue and the economic development of Nayarit was discussed through The Maraca Riviera Nayarit and the need to attract investments to the area that takes advantage of the talents of the state. Finally, the Special Economic Zones were discussed; the benefits obtained in the places that already received this classification and the strategies to bring more investment to these areas.

Finally it was agreed that in the next meeting that will be held with the presence of the Governor of the State, Antonio Echevarría García, topics such as the recommendation to link universities with state companies would be analyzed. The suggestion to collaborate more with the private sector will be made to the government of the state.

It will also seek to define the course of the State through an Economic Development Plan with weight of law that transcends governments; and the need to create a Coordinating Council for Economic Development in which government, private sector and Universities participate.

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