Find out the main axes of Antonio Echevarría Garcia’s inauguration discourse

“I am a man of challenges and teams, I believe in causes and I believe in Nayarit … I do not hold grudges”

“Let’s make a responsible government and not of occurrences… let’s return dignity to the institutions”

“The purpose of this new Nayarit will be to generate employment,” he said, adding that 63 percent of state workers work informally and / or without corresponding benefits. Echevarria also announced that his first initiatives will be the creation of two economic funds, one for 100 million pesos to support micro entrepreneurs and another for 50 million pesos for loans to new entrepreneurs.

In the area of security said that Nayarit lives through difficult times and instructed security heads to have the police to remove their hoods so that citizens can see their faces; after noting that 110 homicides have been reported so far this year in Nayarit; he pointed out the importance of the professionalization of police forces and the importance of them being well paid.

And on the election of the new state prosecutor, he assured that he will be chosen by the corresponding authorities freely. In the area of health he specified the deplorable state in which were clinics and hospitals of Nayarit, situation of which the workers are not responsible, but the management of the previous administration. He also said that he will file complaints against the former officials of the previous administration who misused their functions.

On education he said that “A people without education are a people without defenses”; said that in Nayarit, 4 out of 10 high school students and 11 out of 100 higher education students dropped out. For his government assured that more than 650 million pesos will be used in the program Escuelas al Cien (Schools at 100%).

His salary as governor will be destined to scholarships of children and young people who will use this trust to continue accessing education, assured Echevarria and committed to the “white flag in literacy in Nayarit.”

Citing Amado Nervo and Ali Chumacero, he also said that culture will have a priority in his government, in addition to pointing to authoress Guadalupe Loaeza, whose experience is necessary to bring High Literature to the entire State.

Addressing the issue of agriculture, Echevarria Garcia said that in recent years the production of corn and beans was reduced in Nayarit. He also said he will bet on the genetic improvement of cattle and announced the creation of two agro-industrial parks.

He also reiterated to the university community that they will have an allied governor and thanked them for the work and the collaboration with the incoming administration.

Echevarria said that there is a debt of over 40 million in the Ministry of Education and more than 70 million owed by the state government, debt audited by the Federal Ministry of Economy, among others that were evidenced during the delivery-receipt exercise. In addition he commented that the House of Government was delivered to them almost dismantled reason why the governor assured that “those people will be punished”.

“The power of government must always be the power of the people,” he said near the end of his speech, where he also said that corruption will be punished without any contemplation because “nobody will be above the law.”

“In the governor you will have a close friend,” he said and said that “we will be servants of citizens,” without attitudes that hurt the dignity of citizens. He also said that four years will be enough to serve the people of Nayarit, alluding to the duration of his mandate.

He thanked the prominent Nayaritas who also accompanied him; athletes, people from the deaf community and native peoples, as well as older adults, all of them, besides thanking them, reiterated his commitment to work.

He finally called for integration to all Nayaritas, ensuring that his government will build with all. In addition, he directly told Senator Manuel Cota to request the management of greater resources for the entity.

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