Development Plan 2020-2050. Nayarit

The government of Nayarit guide for the next 30 years

The Asociacion de Empresarios de  Punta de Mita with acronyms ADEPM, permanently works hand in hand with the State Government on planning issues. For this reason, ADEPM attended the presentation of the 2020-2050 Development Plan for Nayarit.

Nayarit’s Secretary of Sustainable Development, David Guerrero, presented to the citizens of Bahía de Banderas, a new planning model that will work for the next 30 years: “The purpose not to reinvent Nayarit every six years.”

This plan includes actions to be carried out in the short, medium and long term, so that all government decisions will not depend on a single person, nor will they have modifications with each change of administration.

The Great Development Plan 20-50, is a reform to article 134 of the Planning Law. It is a new model that guarantees solidity to planning processes and will have as backbone the participation of the citizenry, since they will be those who will defend the long-term model.

To carry out this development plan, the State Planning Institute was installed in Nayarit (IPLANAY), which will serve as a source of policy creation and whose first task will be to make the legacy of the current administration for the new generations. In addition, the necessary reforms and adjustments to the legal framework have already been made, thus allowing each municipality to have a municipal planning institute and a municipal citizen advisory council. Bahía de Banderas and Tepic already have their own.

With the intention of finding the best profile to lead each of these institutes, calls will be carried out under a transparent and inclusive selection process; where candidates must take a technical exam that includes solving a case study of social development, in order to know in depth their professional skills and competencies.

It is considered that the Grand Development Plan 20-50, will be the guiding axis for at least the next 25 years; citizen participation will be of fundamental value in the decisions taken with a long-term vision, besides of being those who will evaluate the results in matters of Planning, Territorial Planning and Statistics.

The Grand Development Plan 20-50 also seeks to link economic development with social development. The strategy is to trace the path taking in consideration the economic impact, the generation of jobs, society and the environment.

Each future administration in Nayarit must prepare its Government Plan based on this Development Plan 20-50. Therefore, future Governors and Mayors will be rectors of economic growth and the consultation, operation, supervision and monitoring of the 20-50 plans will be placed in the hands of the citizens. 

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