Antonio Echevarría governor of Nayarit, meets with the business organizations of Bahía de Banderas

The ADEPM presents progress of its projects to Governor Antonio Echevarría.

Last April 11th, Antonio Echevarría, Governor of Nayarit, visited Bahía de Banderas to meet with the different chambers of commerce and business organizations of the municipality to hold a working meeting of an informative nature and to listen to the needs, projects, developments and advances that each organization has.

The ADEPM arose to speak on behalf of businessmen, residents and developers of their concern on the urban regional disorder, the fragile security in the region, the alarming need for caring for the nature, the lack of water in the area and the deficient garbage collection which increase pollution levels

Taking this opportunity, the ADEPM brought to the table some very important issues such as:

  1. Clean Water for Sayulita

The people of Sayulita were asking for an immediate and effective solution to the serious problem of wastewater pollution in the area, moving from being a Magic Town to being a public health hazard. The ADEPM recognized that several meetings had to be held with the municipality of Bahía de Banderas, Directors and representatives of Orompas, the State Secretariat of Tourism, the State Water Commission CEA, and finally with Conagua. The latter carried out a technical-justification study, financed by the institution which came with 9 solutions to this problem.

Resources for the fiscal year 2018 were committed in the amount of 32 million pesos. The investment was achieved and the Federation will contribute 50% while the other 50% will be contributed, half and half, by the State and the Municipality.

  1. Security

The ADEPM with the support of the Municipal Government,           Civil Foundations and the society at large, managed after 9 years, the rehabilitation of the Punta de Mita Police Station, bringing in it to its feet and making it functional again.

In addition, the Governor was informed of the importance of relying on the presence of marines in the area due to the sources of insecurity that are beginning to appear in the municipality due to organized crime.

It is a national-regional security project, which will strengthen the security of the Riviera Nayarit; protecting from the South of the region, with the 8th naval zone located in Puerto Vallarta, to the North, with the 6th naval zone located in San Blas and covering the 2 intermediate municipalities of Bahía de Banderas and Compostela thus shielding the entire Riviera Nayarit.

  1. Partial Urban Development Plan (PPDUPM) for Destiladeras–Punta de Mita

The City Council took the initiative and created the Municipal Planning Institute that is responsible for the development and management of the process of this Partial Plan. It is a legal technical instrument that will give certainty to investments, taking care of the environment, taking care of water, using renewable energy sources, caring for the image, improving the living conditions in the towns of Emiliano Zapata, Corral del Risco and Higuera Blanca.

The ADEPM also acknowledged that Dr. Jaime Cuevas and the Secretary of Tourism, Eulalio Coronado, had meetings in Sectur, with the purpose of giving form and follow-ups to achieve that this region be the 1st zone of sustainable development in Mexico.

The ADEPM concluded its participation commenting that it has met with the State and Municipal Governments to work and analyze the different possibilities of bringing water to the region; on how to improve the garbage collection system and the final disposal of solid waste which so far is not a reality yet; also to continue the boulevard of from Higuera Blanca to Sayulita, and conclude the highway from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle to the airport.

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