Annual Forum 2022 Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit

Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit, is a civil society organization whose objective is the promotion of a culture of sustainability, solidarity and social responsibility in tourism.

Its main activities are awareness raising, information and training of tourism stakeholders regarding social and environmental issues. Every year a forum is held bringing together some of the most important business people, as well as government officials, academic experts and mainly people who are concerned  and interested in creating tourism into a developing tool,  and thus  be at the service of people, communities and territories. This annual forum took place in September, in which the ADEPM has been participating.

Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit 2022

“Within the program of activities of the Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit, a high-level private working meeting was held for the integration of Biodiversity in Tourism in Mexico, which was chaired by Eng. Marco Antonio Espinosa Magaña , General Director of Tourism Sustainability, of the Federal Government Tourism Secretariat (SECTUR), within the framework of the Kuxatur Project, which is promoted with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Fund for the Global Environment (GEF).

To this meeting, Eng. Marco Antonio Espinosa Magaña, invited the ADEPM so that the case of the Sustainable Tourism Development Zone of the Destiladeras – Punta de Mita polygon, in the State of Nayarit, could be presented, as an example of articulation of actions of the Private Sector, in coordination with the three levels of Government.

For this purpose, Mr. Guillermo Ohem Ochoa, in his capacity as ADEPM advisor, presented and audiovisual explaining the management that is   required for the issuance of the Presidential Decree that establishes the Sustainable Tourism Development Zone. This decree is the instrument through which the regulatory framework will be provided.

In addition, emphasis was placed on the need to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organization (UN), as well as care for the environment through actions implemented by ADEPM in close coordination with state and municipal authorities.

Some of the main points that were mentioned were the actions taken aiming at generating social inclusion and a sense of belonging among the inhabitants of the area, as well as improvements in the urban image and consequent economic benefits for the communities, through the remodeling, improvement and construction of the Center. Deportivo de Punta de Mita, as well as the Public Square.

Finally, the Advanced Naval Station project (EDNA) was particularly mentioned for its improvements in order to be of benefit  to public safety in Riviera Nayarit.

Eng. Marco Antonio Espinosa Magaña reiterated the interest of the Secretary of Tourism, Lic. Miguel Torruco Marqués, to continue supporting SECTUR in issuing the Decree of the Sustainable Tourism Development Zone in the Destiladeras a Punta de Mita, that it could become the first in our country.

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