Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit Airport Safe Protocols

To Revive Tourism sector will be require a circle of joint actions between the Airlines, Airports and Tourism Companies in the destinations.

As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for how to make results happen, is to find options and make alliances so that the economy keeps moving. Tourism is a sector that has also been very affected by the coronavirus, we have had to find out how to implement and update each prevention action that the health authorities have been issuing throughout the pandemic.

We have also realized that it is not enough that only some do these measures, it is necessary do it together, as a security circle. Starting with the prevention and detection protocols of the Airlines, continuing with the Airport and then with the protocols of the Hotels, Restaurants, Tours and other companies in tourist destinations.

To generate a tourist revival, it will be necessary to offer CONFIDENCE, people need to feel safe and know that from the beginning of their trip the Airlines and the Airport of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are safe places. In addition, each company will also keep using its security protocols, because it is the way that we will be able to perceive La Riviera Nayarit as a Safe Tourist Destination in Mexico.

Aiport safe protocolos

Puerto Vallarta airport safe protocols. A Covid-19 free place.

The Puerto Vallarta Airport is carrying out the following protocols:

Everyone who works at the Puerto Vallarta Airport is equipped with face masks, acrylic masks and gloves. Acrylics were installed in the counters, receptions and customer service centers. Added to the usual cleaning of the airport, deep sanitation and disinfection is carried out using high-tech equipment.

The entrance mats are constantly disinfected and there is antibacterial gel at different points. Sanitary filters were placed in coordination with the sanitary authority for the revision and checking of body temperature, using infrared thermometers and latest generation thermographic cameras.

To mark the healthy distance, vinyls were pasted on the floor, in waiting chairs and self-documentation machines. During the day, passengers are kept informed of prevention measures through videos and signs. Lastly, passengers receive a questionnaire for a general health check and to check for symptoms. Watch Video HERE


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