ADEPM meeting of Planning and Urban development with SECTUR

Visit of Maria Teresa Solis Trejo, undersecretary of tourism (SECTUR), and Manuel Barclay Galindo, director-general for planning and land zoning of Mexico, to Punta de Mita.

We had the visit of representatives of the government of Mexico in the field of tourism and territorial planning, who attended the presentation of a viable alternative that allows the creation of an identity and orderly development for the region of Punta de Mita.

The attendees who accompanied the undersecretary were the president of ADEPM, Jasón Lavender; management advisors Enrique Tron of Aerotron, Gonzalo Guelman manager of the Four Seasons Hotel, James Hughes, general manager of Hotel St. Regis, marketing manager of the same hotel, Brian King; Alfredo Bonnin of Dine, Leopoldo Regalado, from the bank, and the advisers of the Plan Parcial de Desarrollo Urbano de Punta de Mita, PPDU (Partial Urban Development Plan), Atty. Guillermo Ohem, from Ohem and Associates; and, architect Matías Verdín, Urbanic.

The presentation began under the direction of ADEPM president, Jason Lavender, who persuaded the authorities through an illustrative and concrete presentation on the importance and urgent need for the Partial Urban Development Plan in the region of Punta Mita. The aim is to conserve nature, the magic and identity that the region of Punta de Mita has, and not to allow that urban disorder comes to end with the charm of the region of Punta de Mita.

He said the PPDU must protect and preserve a unique and sustainable destination that preserves its natural beauty with which it has so far.
Next was the presentation of architect Matthias Verdín, who presented the technical studies that determine the appropriate uses of the land in the region and which are based on the design of the PPDU Partial Urban Development Plan.

Based on his experience, he shared the principles of success to follow this plan, citing as an example the PPDU that his company made in the region of Monteón in the municipality of Compostela Nayarit.

The federal government representatives showed interest in the project, offering the necessary support for this to be carried out. They asked members ADEPM to go ahead with the PPDU of Punta Mita, and in turn, asked them to participate in the COP 13 (Conference of Parties), the most important international exhibition of sustainability and biodiversity that for the first time will be held in Mexico, in Cancun, to put Punta de Mita as an example of the protection of a region, in an orderly and environmental sustainable manner through the PPDU.

At the end of the meeting-presentation with the federal authorities at the Four Seasons Punta Mita, the representatives were invited to take a tour of the area to physically observe the needs of the region.

After the tour, a meal was prepared at Hotel St. Regis in honor of the federal authorities to fine-tune details of the meeting and reiterate the support of the federal government to ADEPM to develop the Partial Plan of Urban Development of Punta de Mita. Later on, all moved over to the inauguration of the Grand Sirenis Hotel at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, to which also attended the secretary of tourism, Enrique de la Madrid.

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