Famous Whale rescues for incorrect reasons

Whale rescues without a plan and without training

In social networks it is increasingly common to find circulating videos in which they untangle whales, or some other marine species, becoming very popular for the users of the networks as they seem to be an amazing story.

Failed rescues of whales

Whale rescues without a plan and without training can end up being a tragedy

These types of rescues occur without a plan and without training or authorization from the Federal Government. The difference between a rescue performed by trained people and one without training can be a matter of life or death for the whale and for possible rescuers. Even operations performed from a ship can be life-threatening. It is important to note that if a member of the public died trying to rescue a whale, the rescue operations could be permanently suspended, which would leave countless whales unable to be rescued and leaving them to an imminent death, since the trained teams could not act either.

Generally, in the tangles, there are difficult string attachments through the mouth of the whale or around a submerged pectoral fin, none of which is easy to see from the surface, increasing the suffering of the whale and complicating the task of the whale rescuers.

Whale rescues without a happy ending

Whale rescues without a plan and without training can end up being a tragedy

In Mexico, and in Bahía de Banderas, there is an organization called Whale Disentanglement Network (RABEN), which believes that sharing these types of videos can unwittingly bring devastating consequences that cause the death of the species.

In Mexico, RABEN has 180 trained members distributed in 15 teams on the Pacific coast of Mexico and the peninsula of Baja California. They must comply with intense training, which can sometimes take years to complete.

Without salary, they are available 24/7 to respond to reports of entangled whales. Here More information about RABEN:

Doing this is amazing just by itself. Doing this day after day, without the need to publish it on social networks, and having the satisfaction of a job well done, makes them superheroes, without the need to risk their or your life or future whale rescues, you can also be a hero and help. This is what you can do:

* Contact the local authorities:

* Stop the boat.

* Keep your distance according the norm NOM-131-SEMARNAT-2010:


* Describe the situation:

* Send an image: could be a screen image of the camera or video taken with a mobile phone.

* Provide geographical location of the whale, you can share your actual position with Whatsapp or send your satellite location (latitude and longitude with coordinates GPS). Leave your NAME and MOBILE NUMBER so we could contact you.

* Remain in the boat; never enter the water trying to rescue the whale.

* Wait for the RABEN rescue team; do not try to help the whale. By eliminating trawl lines or buoys, the chances of releasing the animal from all the equipment are reduced, which could cause even more damage.

* Inform the course of the whale.

* Stay in contact.

Follow the whale from a safe distance (more than 60 meters away)

Rescate de ballenas Mexico

Whales recues. You can also help, follow their advice and get in touch with them

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