That there neither be sanctions in Punta de Mita

Santa Barbara California, is the place where it is rumored that “There are no punishments”, even the residents of this magnificent city call their lifestyle “California Cool”. A place where blue and humpback whales live, seals, sea lions and elephant seals share the waves with the surfers, always with a relaxed and orderly style.

Desarrollo Urbano en Santa Bárbara, California

The ADEPM went to Santa Bárbara, California to learn about the process with which they have managed to develop an ordered city

Without a doubt, Santa Bárbara is an excellent example of Territorial Planning. Each small town, ranch or vineyard stands out for its wonderful landscape and its natural beauty. Santa Bárbara is recognized as one of the most glamorous destinations in the world.

Today, many cities in Mexico have a sister city, a program that originated in the ‘People to People‘ program; which emerged in 1959 as a proposal to preserve world peace. The twinning of cities allows creating mutually beneficial ties through cultural exchange, education, tourism, sports, etc. It is a concept by which cities from different geographic and political areas are paired to carry out projects for mutual benefit.

Puerto Vallarta is currently the sister city of Santa Bárbara California; The president of this twinning, Gill Garcia, knowing the objectives that the ADEPM has for Punta de Mita and Riviera Nayarit in territorial planning and good urban development practices, made a cordial invitation to the ADEPM to visit and take as an example the policies that this city successfully implemented to achieve the image it enjoys today.

ADEPM representatives were received by Gregg Hart, second County Supervisor and Executive Officer, and Jason Rodriguez, Councilman, who explained the process with which they achieved to develop an orderly city, including the information necessary to bring about these practices in the Punta de Mita region.

In addition, we had the opportunity to meet two very important architects in the urban development of Santa Bárbara, Henry Lenny and Alex Pujo, who have the responsibility to verify and approve each of the projects that take place in the city.

With all the information received by the ADEPM, it will be sought to trace the best strategies that manage to regulate the urban development of Punta de Mita with the purpose of maintaining the region as the tourist jewel that nowadays represents for the country.

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