UBER Bahía de Banderas a service requested by inhabitants and tourists already in process of legalization.

UBER Bahía de Banderas and its legalization

From 8 o’clock in the morning of June 27, 2017, UBER started its private transpor services in Bahía de Banderas. The company based in San Francisco, USA, currently works in 310 cities around the world.

In October of 2017, UBER drivers in Bahía de Banderas filed a petition with the government of Nayarit with the purpose of putting a stop to the aggressions against them perpetrated by the established local taxi drivers. UBER operators also filed complaints for crimes of illegal deprivation of liberty, damage to vehicles, threats, and others.

The violence of local taxi drivers involved local and tourist users, a situation that has caused a bad image among visitors and discontent in the population. In view of this serious situation, the state and municipal governments, with the support of the private sector and society, carried out an analysis of the situation and made a comparison of the benefits that have been obtained in other states with the legal presence of this transport service.

UBER Bahia de Banderas

UBER Bahía de Banderas in process of legalization

The municipal government of Dr. Jaime Cuevas received the request to modify the transit law as it has happened in other states of the country, where it is clearly expressed that the user has the right to freely decide what type of transportation he wants to use for their comings and goings; as much as the staff that works for UBER has the right to work without being beaten.

The ADEPM participates in the construction and expansion of these analyzes. In  the meeting that was held to analyze the operative situation of that platform, the ADEPM made a formal request to the representatives of the government of the State of Nayarit, requesting to modify the transit law through Governor Antonio Echevarría, so that he is the one to intercedes before the State Congress and its modification be approved as it has already happened in other States such as Jalisco.

The ADEPM is very grateful to Dr. Jaime Cuevas, because today we can confirm that Nayarit and its beautiful Bahia de Banderas will have the option of mobility to use the services of the UBER digital platform in a legal manner, or use the local taxi cabs. With the support of the State and Municipal governments, the traffic law that will give right and obligations to this service platform will be modified.

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