Honor to who Honor is due.

La Patrona polo club, and spaces for equestrian sports made an event for retired Generals of the Mexican army

Whether you are heading for an equestrian ride on the beach, a jungle trail, or a polo class, you cannot beat this equestrian paradise in the heart of San Pancho in Nayarit.

La Patrona has first class facilities, with an incredible design and attention of its staff; it also has a gastronomic center and a nice polo lounge to enjoy this sport while you drink a sip of your favorite drink.

Centro encuentre Nayarit

La Patrona recognize Mexican army Foto: La Patrona Polo Club

With majestic views, La Patrona opened its doors to welcome the heroes of Mexico who dedicated their lives to maintaining the security of our country for so many years. Ruben Carrillo, Director of La Patrona, together with Adalberto Moreno, vice-president of the ADEPM received and welcomed the Generals.

“Mexico is a country of peace”, “I thank you for all the years lived in peace in my country, making it the best place to live”, were words in the welcome speech of Rubén Carrillo. He also mentioned that in a destination as important as the Riviera Nayarit, it contributes greatly to having large world class investments, which are promoted by important organizations such as the ADEPM.

The ADEPM is a Nayarit association that allows a fraternal environment to develop in which companies collaborate for the benefit of the destination, instead of competing, as a result there is also peace in the business market, encouraging companies to have better products to offer.

The words of ADEPM Vice President Adalberto Moreno recognized the importance of all the actions undertaken by the generals to safeguard the country’s security because without security the economy collapses. The Generals were invited to enjoy all the surprises prepared by La Patrona, with the purpose to make it an unforgettable experience.

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