Forum of Expansion of Hotels and Resorts of Leisure Partners Mexico

Strategies to guarantee tourist investments and total satisfaction in the hospitality industry in Mexico.

“A challenge for the tourism sector, is to grow what we could say are the three destinations for excellence for pleasure trips: Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit and Los Cabos; which receive about 70 percent of tourists, and at the same time boost new sites. Thus was commented by Gustavo Ripol, founding partner of Leisure Partners”.


Last June 7 and 8, the ADEPM was invited to participate in the “3rd. Leisure Partners Mexico Hotel and Resorts Expansion Forum” where nearly 300 business leaders involved in the development of the Hospitality Industry in Mexico met.

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Forum Expansion Hotels Resorts Leisure Partners Mexico. Strategies to guarantee tourist investments and total satisfaction in the hospitality industry in Mexico

In this third forum high level executives met, from government promoters, investors, regulators, construction companies, architects, solution providers, to associations and financial institutes, which will be given valuable tools and figures for the development of the industry.


With the participation of nearly 45 leading hotel companies such as Hilton, Marriott, City Express Hotels, Grupo Posadas, CCPM Group, Hyatt, Panorama International, Preferred Hotels, Choice Hotels, Accor, Dream Hotel Group, RCI, Artha Capital, Anahuac University, Rojkind Arquitectos, Grupo Expansion, Archetonic Arquitectos, GVI, Santa Fe Hotel Group, Pueblo Bonito, Orange Investments, Leisure Advisors, Calvet & Associates, Legorreta Law Firm, Edmonds International, Fibra Inn, Ouest Group, Banco Sabadell, Bancomext, Trane , Parks Developer, SEDETUR Quintana Roo, Fundo de Fondos, NEC and Apple Leisure Group among others.


In addition, the interesting and valuable participation of the Under Secretary of Tourism Innovation and Development of SECTUR, Rubén Gerardo Corona; the CEO of Grupo Posadas, José Carlos Azcárraga, and Francisco Madrid, Director of the Faculty of Tourism and Gastronomy of Anahuac University of Mexico, among others personalities took place.


One of the main objectives of this event was to show how national tourism could generate in 2018 an economic income of 23 billion dollars, aside of also representing an 8.7% of GDP, ranking 6th in the world, with a record of 39.3 million tourists. The 5th place is for Italy with 50 million tourists, the 4th place for China, 3rd for Spain, 2nd for the United States and the First place for France with 80 million tourists. In Mexico, tourism has been growing at double the world average, including 6.7% above the country’s international trade.


In this forum, discussion panels and presentations were held on investment strategies, efficiency in operations and updated technology necessary to guarantee customer satisfaction and success.


HERE  we share the presentations of the outstanding conferences in the “3rd.  Hotel and Resorts Expansion Forum of Leisure Partners Mexico”.

Innovation and Tourism Development

Lic. Rubén González Gerardo Corona Undersecretary of Innovation and Tourism Development. He has a 23-year career in Development Banking.

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John McCarthy Member-Director of Leisure Partners

John McCarthy Member-Director of Leisure Partners. He has held important positions in the tourism sector as Director of the Tourism Division of Bancomer, founding partner and President of AMDETUR.

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Oscar Espinosa Graduate in Public Administration. President of the National Securities Commission, General Director of Nacional Financiera.

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