Find out what the Asociación de Empresarios de Punta de Mita y Riviera Nayarit is working on.

Donaciones empresarios huracán Pamela
How do we react when the people of Nayarit need us?

The Asociacion de Empresarios de Punta de Mita y Riviera Nayarit (ADEPM), is determined to help the thousands of victims left by Hurricane Pamela. She has been very active in obtaining, coordinating and...

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5th edition of the “Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit”, the most important tourism forum in Latin America.

In Cancun, Q. Roo, the 5th edition of the "Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit" was held, in which the ADEPM was present. After four days of intense...

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Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit

Bahia de Banderas- Mirtha Villalvazo and ADEPM entrepreneurs establish working agreements

ADEPM for the second time held a working meeting with the president of Bahía de Banderas, Mirtha Villalvazo. In addition to following up the commitment...

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Propuestas empresariales Miguel Angel Navarro

Agreements between the candidate for the government of Nayarit Miguel Angel Navarro Quintero and the business sector.

At a meeting held in May 2021, with a distinguished venue within the facilities of the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Punta de Mita, the ADEPM had the opportunity...

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Elecciones Nayarit 2021

ADEPM shares its proposals with the Nayarit candidates “Alianza va por México” for the Government of the State of Nayarit and Bahía de Banderas.

In May 2021 and with hosts of excellence, at the Hotel Iberostar Punta Mita, the ADEPM held a meeting with the candidates of the PAN, PRI and PRD alliance...

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lugares con desarrollo ordenado y responsable con el medio ambiente

Punta de Mita in the Riviera Nayarit, advances in being decreed as a Sustainable Development Tourist Zone

What is a Sustainable Development Tourist Zone? In the field of sustainable development, it can be conceptually divided into three constituent parts:...

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sistema de videovigilancia

Collaborative Video Surveillance Riviera Nayarit

Video surveillance network, the dominant technology in the security industry. In order to improve security in Nayarit, work continues on a Collaborative...

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Falta de agua Bahía de Banderas

Alarming situation with water in Bahia de Banderas

Business sector seeks to undertake actions to supply water in Bahia de Banderas. The lack of water is a global concern, in Bahia de Banderas there has...

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Atractivos turísticos y sociales Punta de Mita

Update of the Plaza-Zocalo Punta de Mita

A new social space "Plaza-Zocalo Punta de Mita" Punta de Mita promises to add a new tourist and social value by 2022, a natural space for the healthy...

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Marinos de México

The Navy Secretary will have an Advanced Naval Station at Punta de Mita on the Riviera, Nayarit

Advanced Naval Station Punta de Mita, Nayarit. It will be built with the support of entrepreneurs The eighth naval zone of the Mexican Navy Ministry,...

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