Find out what the Asociación de Empresarios de Punta de Mita y Riviera Nayarit is working on.

Parque y Explanada
The importance of public spaces in the communities

Punta de Mita will include an esplanade in its urban development Public spaces such as parks and esplanades are spaces where the inhabitants of a community can express themselves in an artistic, sporting...

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Evolucionar capacitación Bahía de Banderas

Evolve your Training

Hotel School, prepare trained staff In this world nothing remains static; technology changes, the need to develop other skills and greater knowledge are...

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Día mundial del árbol

10 reasons to plant, care, and defend trees

Last July 11th was celebrated the International day of the Tree. For that reason, the government of Bahia de Banderas commemorated the occasion with a...

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marines in Mexico

Who are the marines in Mexico and why is their presence important? here we explain it to you

Why does Punta de Mita request a Naval Station? Mexico has had painful wounds due to the presence of different drug cartels throughout the national territory....

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Arboles y cambio climático

Why does the climate change affects us?

Climate change is a challenge for all the inhabitants of the planet, it has no borders and in order to combat it, each inhabitant needs to put their grain...

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Falta de agua en Bahía de Banderas

Bahia de Banderas could be at risk of water scarcity

The World Economic Forum (WEF) identified water scarcity among the five main global risks. By 2025, two thirds of the world's population could face water...

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Limpieza de Punta de Mita

Children and the environment in Mita Bonita

Mita Bonita is a group of children occupied for the environment. Organized by María they go out to the streets to clean and recycle all the trash that...

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Desarrollo Urbano de Santa Bárbara

That there neither be sanctions in Punta de Mita

Santa Barbara California, is the place where it is rumored that "There are no punishments", even the residents of this magnificent city call their lifestyle...

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ADEPM y AMAPAS asociaciones de cuidado al desarrollo urbano

Good actions are contagious

The Association of Neighbors of AMAPAS AMAPAS is a group formed by the associations of settlers and owners of downtown districts of Puerto Vallarta and...

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Wastewater treatment in Punta de Mita

How does the Punta de Mita wastewater treatment plant work?

The ADEPM visited the water treatment plant in Punta de Mita together with the Secretary General of Bahía de Banderas City; OROMAPAS, the water operator,...

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